The effect of black and black furniture

Until a few years ago, the use of black in living spaces was still considered risky. He was reminded too quickly of the dark, large wooden furniture of the colonial period and other bygone eras. Now, however, black accents are deliberately used in living spaces - as furniture, in fittings, as decoration or as an accent color on the wall.

But what effect does the color black have in living spaces?

Here we have to briefly delve into color theory: Black - just like white - is actually not a color, but a so-called non-color. Non-colors are also called neutral colors. They are so called because they are “achromatic” and are created by mixing white and black. So gray is also a non-color.

However, colloquially we refer to black, white and gray as colors. In color psychology, black represents elegance, prosperity, power and sexuality. Black is also reminiscent of the city, so it suits urban apartments and forms a contrast to the bright living spaces in the country in the country house or Scandi style.

It is a strong color that can also appear mysterious and eccentric. Too much black, on the other hand, can appear threatening and “evil”. For this reason alone, the principle applies in our living spaces: Black should be used carefully - both as an accent color and as the color of our furniture.

Black furniture and black accents – this is what you should keep in mind


If you bring black furniture - for example a black metal shelf , an elegant, dark living room table and a black sideboard - into your living room, you should make sure that the apartment does not resemble a dark cave.

The accents should be chosen consciously and harmonize with the surroundings. A black sideboard in front of a black accent wall - that's too much of a good thing. If black and white alternate instead - for example, if the wall behind the sideboard and the television on the wall was painted in a light color, this creates an interesting contrast.

Things are a little different with the floor: If the furniture is dark and the walls are light, the floor can also be darker. The floor can, for example, consist of dark parquet or gray stone flooring. However, the secret here is variety: a black floor would be too much. However, gray or anthracite are possible.

In this example, the black living room table should not be on the dark floor, but on a lighter living room carpet. And it also works the other way around: If the floor is light, an elegant, dark carpet looks great in front of the sofa.

5 tips for decorating with black furniture

  • Black looks noble, but can also have an emotional impact. If you are one of the more sensitive people, you should use black very sparingly in your living space and, instead of black furniture, concentrate on elegant black metal decorations - such as black candle holders, pictures with black frames and black sculptures or art objects. In the bathroom, black fittings on the sinks and in the shower look exclusive and elegant.
  • A harmonious lighting concept is particularly important when designing your living spaces with black. Black removes light from the room. Or the black shelf in the corner of the room fades into the background without good lighting and doesn't even come into its own. However, you can easily counteract this: with a complementary lamp or light in the corresponding corner. The light bulb is welcome to spread warm white light. In the study, however, the light can shine cold white.
  • Accessories such as candles or, better yet, a blazing fireplace bring coziness to elegant rooms with black furniture.
  • Black and gold is the perfect combination. Nothing emphasizes elegance like small, golden details. This could be the feet of the coffee table or the handles of the cupboard - or gold decorations on black shelves. But materials such as wood, leather and glass also complement black furniture. The possibilities are diverse.
  • A lighter ambient color ensures that black elements stand out. If the walls are not supposed to be white, then cream, beige or sand colors. You can also paint a wall color black as an accent wall - if you dare.

What interior style does black furniture go with?

Black furniture can be a part of very different interior design styles. In modern, puristic rooms, in urban jungle apartments, in hygge furnishings and in Japandi-style apartments. In lighter interior styles, black furniture acts as an accent piece - which means it should be used sparingly.

Black furniture goes perfectly with the loft style. In loft apartments or loft-style houses, dark colors can predominate despite black furniture: the black clothes rail may be in front of the orange brick wall, the bed is adorned with a black, upholstered headboard and the floor is made of gray concrete. Black shoe racks, black decorative elements or even black wall shelves can often make your furnishing style look very high-quality. Our minimalist metal furniture in particular does not take up too much space thanks to its slim design and uniquely enhances your living concept.

But a good lighting concept is also or especially important with this style. High ceilings, large windows, light accent colors, soft home textiles and many small and large light sources compensate for the predominantly dark furnishings.

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