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Bedroom in industrial style - at Metallbude you will find them according to your taste

A touch of industry and a lot of style: The bedroom furniture from Metalbude sets accents with black metal and clean lines. With the furniture of Metallbude you can combine minimalist designs with furniture in industrial style - and that also in the bedroom. Because as the saying goes, it proves: Less is more. A clothes rail becomes a closet, a small table becomes a bedside table and a metal coat hanger becomes decorative art.

Bedroom in industrial style - when less simply makes you happy

The trend towards minimalism isn't new, but it's still true: most of the time you don't need more storage space and bigger furniture, you just need the right ones. That's where the designer pieces from Metallbude come in. Instead of a big, bulky, closet, we offer simple clothes rails with matching, metallic hangers.

The angular shapes in combination with the black metal look noble, but only when the clothes rail is used, the magic of the industrial style in the bedroom comes out: your favorite clothes become a decoration. Every morning you can enjoy anew the few but selected jackets, shirts or shirts you display on your industrial style clothes rail in black.

Of course, the clothes rail does not have to exclude the closet. It can also be attached to the ceiling in addition to the closet, carry the clothes of the upcoming days or just look pretty. Combine such a piece of furniture with a bed in an industrial look or nightstands with a metal frame.

The industrial bedroom: these pieces of furniture set accents

In our assortment we carry Side tables in black metal and in combinations of metal frame and solid wood top. Often the combination of metal and wood, industrial and natural, creates an interesting contrast that you can enjoy for a long time. For the side tables next to the bed, it is then: less is more. The alarm clock, glasses and favorite book - you should not put more on this designer piece.

Open spaces and open furniture concepts in the industrial look lead to more peace and order, especially in the bedroom. With this in mind, we have also designed the delicate baby cradle. In the Moses-basket, new parents can gently rock their offspring to sleep. And even if the baby prefers to snuggle up to the parents' bodies: the delicate baby cradle is a real eye-catcher even when unused.

Industrial style goes in every room

Of course, next to the bedroom you can also furnish the Hallway industrial with coat hooks on the wall or exactly the same clothes rail as you find in the bedroom. To put handbag, scarves or belts in the scene, you will find appealing leather hooks in black. Just browse our assortment and find the right designer piece for your bedroom, living room or hallway.

Since we design and produce many of our furniture pieces ourselves, even special requests are possible. Feel free to contact us and with your input and we will create an industrial bedroom furniture just the way you like it. In addition to the stylish factory black, other color requests can also be accommodated.

The high-quality workmanship of our industrial furniture goes without saying. If you have already discovered your new favorite piece in our assortment, you can order it directly. From 150 euros value of goods, we send the metal furniture in industrial design with free shipping to you. We look forward to your order or contact!