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We love everyday tools that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The dish cloth holder NIA, with its stepped two-armed metal rods, is a chic addition to any kitchen, keeping your sink organized and allowing dishcloths and other items to dry quickly. The integrated shelf provides space for other everyday items.

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Product details

Sheet steel, round steel

H: 23cm W: 32cm D: 7.5cm

approx. 720 g

Weight capacity:
7 kg

Fine structured powder coating

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The highlight for your sink

The metal cloth holder NIA is a useful tool for your kitchen or bathroom. It offers a convenient way to store a dishcloth while keeping it clean. The minimalist design of the holder helps you use your limited kitchen space more efficiently. Hanging the dishcloth in a specific place keeps the countertop free of damp or dirty cloths while improving cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen. In addition, the dishcloth is always at hand to wipe up spills or wipe surfaces. The dish cloth holder NIA also proves to be very practical in the bathroom: Here it is primarily used to hang up and dry a small towel or washcloth neatly. This prevents leaving the cloth on the sink or countertop, which could become unsanitary. It also optimizes the limited space in the bathroom.


Dish cloth holder for more organization

Thanks to its sleek and simple design, the NIA dish towel holder is a standout addition to your sink or washbasin, providing more than just storage and organization. This also applies to conventional dishcloth holders made of other materials: the powder-coated metal is extremely durable and robust. It is resistant to scratches, rust and wear and tear, which ensures that the NIA dishcloth holder will look new for a long time, even with regular use. The powder-coated metal surface is easy to clean. It allows for effortless removal of dirt, keeping the dishcloth holder clean and hygienic. Another advantage of the powder-coated metal is its heat resistance. Its unique design allows for use near hot surfaces and the stove without causing damage or deformation to the material. The dish cloth holder NIA is a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen. Keep your dishcloth tidy while enhancing the overall look of your kitchen with the NIA dish cloth holder.

How can we help?


Is the dish cloth holder waterproof?

Our dishcloth holder is made of high-quality steel and is completely and seamlessly welded together using the TIG welding process, so there are no unwanted gaps or air openings for water, dirt or rust to collect. The fine structured powder coating not only makes the dishcloth holder scratch, shock and impact resistant, but also ensures that this handy kitchen accessory is waterproof and rustproof.

Why do you need storage for dishcloths and sponges?

The dish cloth holder NIA in a minimalist design offers ideal storage for dishcloths, sponges, etc. and keeps the sink tidy. The well thought-out structure enables hygienic drying and storage of your kitchen textiles and always keeps everything to hand. This prevents the dishcloths from being constantly damp and allowing bacteria to form.

What are the advantages of the dish cloth holder for the kitchen?

Everyday helpers are important in the kitchen and bathroom - especially when it comes to hygiene and organization. Our NIA dish cloth holder is made of powder-coated metal and is an absolute eye-catcher next to the sink or washbasin. It not only looks good, but also keeps dishcloths, sponges, and washcloths dry and organized. This prevents dampness and bacteria from forming on the dishcloths.

Can I also use the dishcloth holder as a jewelry holder?

Our products are not merely designer pieces but also serve a functional purpose that can adapt to various living spaces. The NIA dishcloth holder, with its minimalist and open design, can double as a high-quality metal jewelry stand. Rings and bracelets can rest on the metal shelf, while chains and earrings can hang on the struts.

How durable is the Metallbude sink organizer?

The furniture and home accessories from Metallbude are characterized by the fact that we focus on quality both in the choice of our materials and in the craftsmanship. The dish cloth holder NIA convinces with its stable construction made of powder-coated metal and the high-quality welds, ensuring sustainable and long-lasting use.

Customer Reviews

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Elke Keller

Sehr gut 👍 👍

Hannah Zbinden

Wunderschön zum Anschauen, integriert sich sehr schön in unsere Küche!!
… und noch praktisch🤗

Katja Gort

ca. 1cm breiter wäre für uns perfekt. Wir freuen uns aber trotzdem daran, da er perfekt in unserer schwarze Küche passt.


Super Qualität! Top Design!!

Gabriele Pietrocola
Hohe Qualität

Die Produkte sind nicht gerade günstig aber die hohe Qualität der Ausführung und das Styling macht dies mehr als wett. Alles entspricht unseren Vorstellungen