What is Hygge?


Hygge is a Scandinavian attitude to life that is also reflected in the furnishings. It's about well-being and satisfaction. And that seems to be working, because according to surveys, the Danes - where hygge is very popular - are among the happiest people in the world.

Hygge is about slowing down everyday life, about less stress and more comfort, about minimalism, mindfulness and enjoyment and about taking time for relaxing and creative hobbies such as drawing, crafting, baking and crafting.

What is the Hygge facility?

If Hygge is implemented as an interior design style, it is primarily about comfort. Hygge furnishings are characterized by soft textiles, furs, soft colors and warm light sources. Anything that brings more comfort and coziness into your living spaces fits in with Hygge.

In addition to coziness, order and minimalism also play an important role. Because too much clutter and stuff leads to stress. A minimalist interior, on the other hand, supports a relaxed mood. No room should appear overloaded. Choose decorative items carefully. They should have a meaning, make the atmosphere even more comfortable and radiate well-being.

How to set up your living space in Hygge style:

  • Like other Scandi styles, hygge predominantly uses soft, natural colors.
  • The cuddly and feel-good factor is increased by soft textiles, furs and pillows.
  • Wood and natural materials are preferred in Hygge furnishings.
  • Odds and ends disturb your well-being and should be reduced or at least hidden in boxes or behind doors.
  • A warm lighting concept brings cosiness into the living spaces - especially during long, Nordic winters.
  • Candles increase comfort in hygge living spaces.
  • Objects of everyday use can be presented decoratively.
  • Green plants make you happy - so they can also move into hygge apartments.
  • Color or special materials can be used as accents - but they should not dominate the room.

Hygge and minimalist metal furniture – how does it fit together?

When we think of metal furniture, we think of black, cold, heavy shelves, beds or benches - industrial furniture. These are in direct contrast to Hygge. So metal furniture and hygge don't go together? Not entirely true: If you love sustainable and long-lasting metal furniture and the cosiness of Hygge, you can combine the two. You just have to know how.

These are our tips for Hygge furnishings with metal furniture:

  1. Black metal furniture doesn't go with hygge? We say so.

At first glance, black metal furniture contradicts the coziness of Hygge. But only at first glance. Because you can use metal furniture as accent furniture. They just shouldn't dominate a hygge room.

For example, there can be a metal coffee table in front of the cozy beige sofa with a knitted blanket. If you choose a round table, the black metal will appear a little softer. If the table top is also made of wood, the coffee table is a nice contrast between nature and industry. On the other hand, you can showcase a metal shelf with plants and natural decorations.

  1. Metal furniture in beige and white appears soft and hygge

A round living room table in white has a gentle effect  - regardless of whether it was made of wood or metal. If you also decorate the table with a flower vase or a small plant, the metal piece of furniture fits the Hygge interior design style.

  1. Metal furniture is minimalist – just like hygge

Metal furniture is minimalist. This may not apply to all metal furniture, but it certainly applies to our furniture at Metallbude . Our furniture follows clear lines without unnecessary frills. Such metal furniture can also find its way into the Hygge living room or bedroom.

The overall concept of the room is always important - and this depends on a coordinated furnishing style and strategically placed accents. When used correctly, these accents make the interior interesting without disrupting the overall concept.

  1. Metal furniture is sustainable – and that fits with Hygge

This is also an important part of the Hygge philosophy. Anyone who lives a hygge lifestyle also wants to be careful with the planet - sustainable and renewable raw materials that do not pollute the environment should therefore always be preferred. Metal furniture is very sustainable and guaranteed to last.

You see: Hygge and minimalist metal furniture are not mutually exclusive. So go ahead and browse our range for high-quality metal furniture for your Hygge-style apartment.