Outdoor Living Trends

Outdoor Living Trends

This is how you design your Terrace and Balcony in 2024   It's spring and soon summer will be here, which means that the time we spend in our gardens,...
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Frühlingsflair im Esszimmer

A Touch of Spring in the Dining Room

Spring not only brings a change in nature, but also inspires us to redesign our interiors. The dining room, in particular, is an ideal stage to welcome the spring flair and create an inviting atmosphere. In this blog post, we will show you how our furniture can enhance your dining room in the spring, welcoming and inviting your family and guests.

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Kleine Küchen größer wirken lassen - Metallbude

Make small Kitchens appear larger

Today, small kitchens are not uncommon. Living space is often limited, but the kitchen should still be functional and aesthetically pleasing. We will show you how to set up your small kitchen and make it look bigger. We offer practical tips and clever design ideas to make your kitchen feel larger and more comfortable. From choosing the right colors to maximizing storage space to cleverly placing furniture and appliances, there are a few things to consider that will help make your small kitchen more efficient and stylish. Whether you're on a budget or looking for luxurious solutions, you'll find inspiration to make the most of your small kitchen space.
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Kleine Räume praktisch einrichten - Metallbude

Furnish small Rooms practically

The practical furnishing of small rooms requires clever solutions that make the most of limited space. Metal furniture offers a space-saving and modern option for efficient interior design. Thanks to its slim structure and versatility, metal furniture can be cleverly integrated into small spaces. In this context, we offer you an insight into the power of innovative and stylish metal furniture to add a practical and aesthetic dimension to small spaces.
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Möbel für Ferienwohnungen - Metallbude

Furniture for Holiday Apartments

In order to provide guests with a welcoming and comfortable temporary home, the interior of vacation rentals plays a crucial role. The choice of furniture, colors, and decorations has a significant impact on the atmosphere and overall impression of the property. Practicality and durability are just as important as attractive design to meet the needs of different guests. The key to customer satisfaction and long-term success in the vacation rental industry is to carefully furnish your property.
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Badezimmer im Hotel Design - Metallbude

Hotel Style Bathroom

The bathroom in a hotel often radiates a touch of luxury and elegance that many of us wish we could enjoy in our own homes. The good news is that whether you have a small or large bathroom, with the right steps and products, you can create an oasis of relaxation and comfort that rivals the ambiance of a first-class hotel. Get inspired and transform your bathroom into a private wellness oasis that rivals the flair of a first-class hotel bathroom.
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Modernes Gäste-WC - Metallbude

Modern Guest Toilet

Even the smallest spaces can make a big impression with the help of clever design, including guest bathrooms. Less is more: clean lines, bright colors and minimalist furnishings visually enlarge the room. Smart storage solutions, such as floating shelves or built-in niches, further maximize space. A thoughtful lighting design, such as indirect lighting or wall sconces, can create an inviting atmosphere. The trick is to make the guest bath functional and aesthetically pleasing to leave a lasting positive impression on guests.
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10 Tipps für eine minimalistische Schlafzimmereinrichtung - Metallbude

10 Tips for a minimalist Bedroom Interior

Clean lines, subtle colors, and minimalist furnishings make the bedroom an oasis of relaxation and clarity. Fewer distractions promote restful sleep and mental balance. With only the most essential furnishings, the room focuses on the essentials. The deliberate absence of unnecessary decor gives the room a tidy appearance. The minimalist bedroom invites you to reduce stress and find peace in a harmonious environment characterized by visual clarity and inner peace.
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Schlafzimmer im Boho Stil - Metallbude

Boho Style Bedroom

The boho style, a tribute to freedom and creativity, finds its place in the bedroom. This aesthetic combines global influences, patterns and textures into a harmonious whole. Earth tones dominate, while rich jewel tones add a touch of exoticism. A mix of vintage furniture, handmade textiles and ethnic elements creates a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. Boho style in the bedroom offers a carefree escape that transforms the room into a personal retreat of freedom.
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Kinderzimmer einrichten - Metallbude

Set up Nursery

How to set up a modern Nursery   The nursery is an important place for a child's emotional, creative and social development. It provides not only space, but also opportunities...
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Räume mit hohen Decken einrichten - Metallbude

Furnish Rooms with high Ceilings

Rooms and living areas with high ceilings help create an impressive spatial effect that enhances the feeling of openness and space. Whether old buildings, industrial lofts, modern residential buildings or luxurious penthouses: high ceilings can be found in various areas of living and offer an optimal environment for creative interior design:

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Schwarze Schlafzimmer - Metallbude

Black Bedrooms

Tips and Ideas for your black Bedroom A black bedroom can be a fascinating and relaxing oasis of calm. Start with a neutral base and add an elegant touch to...
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