Delivery Time:

Unless otherwise stated, the delivery time is currently 3-5 workdays within Germany, 5-8 working days within the EU and 10-14 workdays within the UK and Switzerland. The regular delivery time may be delayed in both cases due to public holidays, the turn of the year or similar. A delivery time of 5-8 workdays is generally to be expected for shipping items. The delivery time for special size orders can be up to 12 weeks.

Shipping Costs:

Standard Shipping:

Germany: 5,- EUR

Austria: 10,- EUR

Denmark: 10,- EUR

Belgium: 10,- EUR

Netherlands: 10,- EUR

Sweden: 291,- kr

Switzerland: CHF 25 (incl. customs clearance)

UK: 23 GBP (incl. customs clearance)

France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain: 15,- EUR

Freight Forwarding:

Germany: 30,- EUR

Austria: 70,- EUR

Denmark: 70,- EUR

Belgium: 70,- EUR

Netherlands: 70,- EUR

Sweden: 1.163,- kr

Switzerland: 227,- CHF (incl. customs clearance)

Uk: 205,- GBP (incl. customs clearance)

France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain: 100,- EUR