Stylish for humans and animals – pet accessories from Metallbude

Are you tired of the kitschy dog ​​beds and unattractive feeding bowls from conventional pet markets and want pet accessories that fit into your interior in a minimalistic and decorative way? Metallbude products support the well-being of our animal friends and perfectly match your style. We combine design and animal welfare and produce furniture that is tailored to the needs of each pet. You can now find out why the animal accessories from Metallbude fit perfectly into your home, what you should pay attention to and which pets our accessories are suitable for.


Why Metallbude pet accessories fit perfectly into your home

The well-being of our four-legged friends is particularly important to us. That's why the pet accessories from Metallbude score with some unique advantages for animals and humans:

  • The furniture for animals is available in different designs and opens up a wide range of variations for your interior.
  • The high-quality workmanship promises a long service.
  • Thanks to their simple design, they fit into almost any room, whether in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, your pet will feel comfortable.
  • The pet accessories add a decorative touch to your interior and are available in different colours.
  • They blend seamlessly into many styles. Are you furnished in a minimalist style or do you prefer more industrial furniture ? Anything is possible with our pet accessories.


You should pay attention to this when choosing the right pet accessories

First of all, it is crucial for which animal you want to buy furniture. Dogs and cats sometimes have very different needs. The size of your pet is also important. Do you need a dog bed for a Labrador or rather a Miniature Poodle? A feeding station, for example, should be adjusted in terms of height and size, because that is easier on the back and species-appropriate. The most important things you need for your pet, in addition to toys, leashes and dishes, are definitely a feeding bowl and a comfortable place to sleep, because dogs sleep about 12 to 14 hours a day and the number for cats should go in a similar direction. Animal beds in particular should be placed in quiet places so that your four-legged friend has a place to retreat. Because pets often take dirt from outdoors, pet supplies should be easy to clean. Metal furniture is perfect for this because it is easy to care for and visually appealing.


This pet accessory is best for your four-legged friend

At Metallbude you get pet accessories for modern living rooms , kitchens, hallways or bedrooms. Our products are mainly suitable for dogs and cats. So that your animal can lie stably, we offer robust and high-quality furniture. Choose, for example, the ROVA dog bed or the BEX dog bed from Metallbude for extra comfort and a chic design. The feeding stations MIKA or MIXI from Metallbude are ideal for four-legged friends and are very easy to clean. The LIO feeding bowl is very suitable for smaller animals such as cats or small dogs and can be ordered in different sizes.


Buy pet accessories at Metallbude

The pet accessories from Metallbude are species-appropriate and still stylish. It can be placed in any room and is easy to clean. Thanks to a large selection of colors and a simple design, it fits into every home and makes not only people happy, but also animals. Need more reasons to shop with us? Here are your benefits:

  • Custom-made products from Metallbude are handcrafted in Germany.
  • From a minimum order value of 150 € you get free shipping within Germany.
  • The modern and minimalist furniture from Metallbude blends harmoniously into different furnishing styles.


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