Bauhaus Stil - Metallbude

Bauhaus Style

Originating in Germany in the 1920s, the Bauhaus style is considered one of the most influential design movements of the 20th century. This avant-garde approach combines art, craftsmanship, and technology to create a minimalist and functional aesthetic. If you value modern and timeless design in your home, the Bauhaus style is an excellent choice. In this blog, we will give you tips and inspiration on how to implement this style in your own living space and how to choose furniture and decorative elements that best reflect the Bauhaus aesthetic.
Vanessa Schwarkow
Skandinavisch einrichten - Metallbude

Set up Scandinavian

Scandinavian interiors are known worldwide for their simple elegance, functionality and comfort. The nordic aesthetic has evolved into a popular interior design style that finds enthusiastic fans in many homes and apartments. Characterized by bright colors, clean lines and natural materials, scandinavian interior design creates a welcoming atmosphere that promotes relaxation and well-being. If you are thinking about decorating your home in the scandinavian style, we offer valuable tips and advice on how to implement this minimalist, functional yet warm style in your rooms.
Vanessa Schwarkow
Boho Chic - Metallbude

Boho Chic

Decorate your Apartment in the Boho Chic Style   Boho chic has gained significant status in the interior design scene and has become an integral part of contemporary interior design....
Vanessa Schwarkow
Minimalistisch & nachhaltig einrichten - Metallbude

Set up Minimalistically & Sustainably

The combination of minimalist and sustainable furnishings is trendy because it combines contemporary design with environmental responsibility. Minimalism allows for a more conscious, less consumerist way of living. Sustainability in furnishings not only protects the earth, but also influences the design of a calm, harmonious home. The trend toward minimalist and sustainable furnishings reflects a growing awareness of the environment and quality of life - without sacrificing style.
Vanessa Schwarkow
Industrieller Stil: Tipps zur Einrichtung mit Metallmöbeln - Metallbude

Industrial Style: Tips for decorating with Metal Furniture

Inspired by urban environments, the industrial interior style uses raw materials such as steel, iron and concrete to create a robust look. Metal furniture such as industrial shelves, factory chairs and metal tables become key pieces. The rustic charm of weathered metal adds authenticity and character. Combined with bare brick or wooden accents, a harmonious balance is created between roughness and coziness. Industrial lighting, such as pendant lights with wire cages, completes the look. The industrial style with metal furniture creates a unique aesthetic that is reminiscent of bygone times yet contemporary and expressive.
Vanessa Schwarkow
Schwarze Einrichtung im Trend - Metallbude

Trending black Furnishings

Black Living Room Design – Modern and Elegant A black living room design radiates modernity and elegance, creating a timeless look. It is not surprising that black walls, furniture and...
Vanessa Schwarkow
White Living - einrichten mit Weiß und Creme - Metallbude

White Living - Furnish with White and Cream

Living in White – Clean and Modern   White Living is an interior design trend that focuses on the elegance and purity of white and cream. This color palette creates...
Carolin Epp
Organisches Design – das macht es aus und so setzt du diese Designart in deinen Wohnräumen um - Metallbude

Organic Design – That's what it's all about, and that's how you implement it in your living spaces

Organic, natural and simply trendy in your living spaces: Organic designs are based on the colors and shapes of Mother Nature. Why organic design is one of the living trends for 2023 and how you can furnish your own living spaces organically – we’ll tell you.

Carolin Epp
Schwarze Möbel

Black Furniture - why black has become the new trend color

For a long time, white was considered the basis, the trend color of modernity. There has been a change in recent years: black furniture is now very trendy. And not without reason: black looks elegant, luxurious and – used correctly – cozy and homely. We'll tell you here how you can stage your living space with black furniture.

Carolin Epp
Hegge und minimalistisch

Hygge and minimalist metal furniture – this is how you can still make it “hyggelig” at home

Hygge and metal – somehow they don’t go together. Or is it? We'll tell you how you can combine the cozy Scandinavian furnishing style with your beloved metal furniture - and the coziness in no way suffers.

Carolin Epp
Eklektizismus – wenn mehr einfach mehr ist und wie du Eklektizismus als Einrichtungsstil umsetzt - Metallbude

Eclecticism - when more is simply more and how you implement eclecticism as an Interior Design

Less is more, say many home and lifestyle trends. Eclecticism is not one of them. Here, more is simply more. Philosophies, techniques, methods, different styles - eclectics mix and match. Read here what eclecticism has to do with interior design.

Carolin Epp
Voll aber nicht überladen – so gestaltest du deine Wohnräume im Maximalismus-Stil - Metallbude

Full but not overloaded – this is how you design your living spaces in the maximalist style

Minimalism is trendy - but some people want more. Maximalism – the opposite of Minimalism – may be the answer. We'll tell you what Maximalism is and what makes it an Interior Design Style.

Carolin Epp