Four friends are sitting at a table. Talk. Be silent. Laugh. brooding.
In changing settings. Sometimes with a cup of coffee in hand, sometimes with a glass of wine.

However, what is always served up is the young men's favorite topic: the dream of a joint venture.
The ambitions are big, but the scope for realization is too small. Your job dissatisfaction creates a need for change.

A few cups of coffee and a few glasses of wine later, wishes become plans and plans become actions.

Metallbude was founded.

The former dreamers became entrepreneurs.

09|2020 Founding of Metallbude (60 sqm)

12|2020 1st move within Grünstraße (400 sqm)

06|2021 1st sales record: 1 million euros

09|2021 One year anniversary of Metallbude

11|2021 Recognition of the German Business Award

12|2021 Partnership with Wortmann Future Capital

12|2021 2nd sales record: 2 million euros

01|2022 2nd move to the Kanne business park (3,000 sqm)

06|2022 Organization of a nationwide design contest

09|2022 Trade fair appearance at the MOW in Bad Salzuflen

09|2022 Metallbude celebrates its second anniversary

12|2022 3rd sales record: 4 million euros