Make your own Advent Wreath

The advent wreath is a timeless tradition that embodies the magic of the holiday season. There are many creative ways to design an advent wreath to reflect individual taste and style. The traditional pine wreath with four classic candles is particularly popular. Making your own advent wreath is not only a creative activity, but also an opportunity to involve family and friends and share the anticipation of christmas. The finished wreath will become the centerpiece of your holiday decorations, bringing the warmth of the season into your home.

This is how you can make your own Advent Wreath

Making your own advent wreath is a creative and personal way to create a festive atmosphere. Start with a styrofoam ring as a base. Wrap moss and then fresh pine branches evenly around the wreath, making sure they are tight. Secure the greenery with string or wire for stability. Decorate the wreath as desired with berries, pine cones or other festive accessories. Make sure the decorations are evenly distributed. Instead of integrating the candles directly into the wreath, we have a special tip for you: use our candle holder NOA L as a base and use the magnetic candle sleeves to position the candles in the desired places. Make sure you position the candles as centrally as possible so that you can place the finished wreath on the metal plate.

You will need these things a DIY-Advent Wreath

4 Stick or Whip Candles
Styrofoam Ring
Thread or Wire
Fir Branches
Seasonal Decorative Elements


Tips for : Make your own Advent Wreath


When making an Advent wreath, there are a few important points to consider in order to achieve a safe and attractive result:


Stable Base: To ensure a solid foundation, use a stable base.
Careful Arrangement: Wrap fresh pine greens evenly around the wreath, ensuring a tight arrangement and securing the branches well to create a secure and strong structure.
Fire Safety: Keep candles away from flammable materials. Always watch candles carefully while they are burning.


Keeping these points in mind will not only help you create an aesthetically pleasing advent wreath, but will also ensure that it is a festive and safe decoration throughout the advent season.