Create an Advent Wreath with Moss


It doesn't always have to be the classic advent wreath. How about a moss version? The moss advent wreath adds a natural and rustic touch to the traditional christmas decoration. Instead of the usual pine green, moss decorates the wreath and gives it an earthy aesthetic. The vibrant green of the moss adds a colorful accent in the midst of the winter cold, and the contrast between the rich green of the moss and the intentionally different colored candles creates a harmonious atmosphere. This makes the moss advent wreath a unique eye-catcher that brings the beauty of nature into the festive tradition.


You need these things for an Advent Wreath


The basis of the advent wreath with moss is our serving tray DAVA. The minimalist metal tray can also be used as a decorative tray to stylishly arrange candles, dried flowers, arrangements or sculptural objects. Our candle holders NOA serve as candle holders and can be easily positioned and fixed on the tray thanks to their integrated magnet. You will also need suitable candles (stick candles or whip candles), floral foam, moss and seasonal decorations to suit your taste. The best part about this DIY: You don't need any tools or equipment.


Step-by-step Instructions: How to create a charming Advent Wreath with Moss


The creation of the moss advent wreath is very simple: place the serving tray DAVA in front of you. Place the floral foam in the area that will be the decorative center of the wreath. Then shape the foam into the desired shape and make recesses for the candle sleeves. Cover the floral foam completely with moss and place the candle sleeves in the designated areas. You can place the other candle sleeves anywhere on the metal plate. Add candles and coordinating decorations. Done! You have a beautiful advent wreath that requires no pine needles!


Advent wreath_long_DAVA_serving tray

Something different : Modern moss Advent Wreath


A moss advent wreath is not only a visually appealing decoration, but also an environmentally friendly and symbolically charged choice for the holiday season. A moss advent wreath is individual and unique. The structure and texture of the moss gives each wreath a special touch and makes it unique. The flexible nature of moss allows you to design the wreath in a creative way, for example by adding other natural materials. Moss blends well with a variety of decorating styles and gives the wreath a natural and organic aesthetic. In addition, moss is a sustainable material that regenerates itself in nature. The use of moss in the advent wreath therefore emphasizes environmental awareness and ecological compatibility. Compared to pine branches, moss can also stay fresh longer, which improves the durability of the wreath and allows you to enjoy it for longer.


Have fun making them!