Großer Frühlingskranz

Big Spring Wreath

Making your own spring decorations, such as a wreath, adds a personal touch and uniqueness to your home. We'll show you what materials you can use to make a large wreath for your front door or entryway.
Sabrina Klause
Erfrischender Frühlingssmoothie

Refreshing Spring Smoothie

What could be better than starting the day with a delicious smoothie that captures the freshness and vibrancy of this season? Today we're sharing a quick recipe for a refreshing spring smoothie that's not only delicious but also packed with nutrients.
Sabrina Klause
Selbstgemachte Sojawachskerzen in Herzform gießen - Metallbude

Pouring homemade Soy Wax Candles into Heart Shapes

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and what could be better than giving your loved one something special that comes from the heart? Here's a step-by-step guide to making these magical soy candles at home.
Sabrina Klause
Klassischer Adventskranz - Metallbude

Classic Advent Wreath

The advent wreath is a timeless tradition that embodies the magic of the holiday season. There are many creative ways to design an advent wreath to reflect individual taste and style. The traditional pine wreath with four classic candles is particularly popular.
Sabrina Klause
Adventskranz mit Moos - Metallbude

Advent Wreath with Moss

The moss advent wreath adds a natural and rustic touch to traditional christmas decorations. Instead of the usual pine green, moss decorates the wreath and gives it an earthy aesthetic. The bright green of the moss adds a colorful accent in the midst of the winter cold, and the contrast between the rich green of the moss and the intentionally different colored candles creates a harmonious atmosphere.
Sabrina Klause
Abstract Texture "Waves" - Metallbude

Abstract Texture "Waves"

If you prefer minimalist furnishings at home, you can create conscious highlights in the room with decorative home accessories. Above all, abstract art like this as a wall decoration fits harmoniously into a modern, minimalist interior without completely breaking up the minimalism.
Sabrina Klause
Minimalistische Muschelkerze - Metallbude

Minimalist Shell Candle

Bring back memories of your vacation with a DIY project: the shell candle. The shell candle not only creates a cozy atmosphere, but is also a personal work of art and at the same time a creative and relaxing DIY that keeps your holiday experiences alive in everyday life.
Sabrina Klause

Structural Drawing "Beige Ocean"

Do you love calm, soft colors and the minimalist style of living, but are still looking for the right wall decoration? Why not pick up a paintbrush yourself? The Beige Ocean textured picture is a trendy piece of art that will enhance the clean, modern look of your home and add a touch of style to bare walls.

Sabrina Klause

Sustainable use of Leftovers: Onion Powder

Who hasn't been there: half an onion drying in the fridge, or a forgotten clove of garlic that's starting to go bad. It is not uncommon for people not to reach for the garbage can. This does not have to be the case! Leftover onions and garlic can easily be turned into a versatile spice powder for seasoning meat, sauces, mushroom dishes or marinades.

Sabrina Klause
Zahnstocherhalter - Metallbude

Toothpick Holder

A truly unique piece for your kitchen or desk: This DIY clay bowl can be used to store things like toothpicks or paper clips, and its special design makes it look great among other everyday items.
Sabrina Klause

Simple Structural Picture

Texture Art - expensive to buy but cheap and easy to make! Find out in this DIY how you can design your own simple structural picture for your home with just a few materials.

Sabrina Klause
Upcycling Skulptur - Metallbude

Upcycled Sculpture

Sculptural objects set highlights in every facility. And best of all: In this DIY, even the most everyday materials are enough - in line with the sustainability trend of upcycling.

Sabrina Klause