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Sleep in style - bedroom furniture from Metallbude

The bedroom is one of the most important personal spaces in your home - but unfortunately it's not always the largest room either. We show you which bedroom furniture and accessories should not be missing in your bedroom. You will also learn how to set up your bedroom efficiently and without sacrificing space. Design your bedroom with wood and metal, in light or dark and, above all, individually with furniture from Metallbude .

Bedroom furniture basics - must-haves for your bedroom

There is always a bed in a bedroom. This is the heart of the bedroom and the base on which the rest of the furniture is built. There are an incredible number of possible variants, colors and shapes. For example, you can choose between a storage bed, a box spring bed or a futon. It is important that you can relax and recharge your batteries. Another central piece of furniture that can be found in many bedrooms is the wardrobe. This not only has to be functional and offer as much space as possible, but also visually appealing. In combination with other clothes rails or clothes hooks, there is even more space for your favorite clothes. Especially in larger bedrooms, you can also try darker colors, such as black bedroom furniture. This is how you give your bedroom an elegant and minimalistic look.

Important bedroom furniture - smaller furniture and decoration

The bed and wardrobe form the basis, but if that were all, the bedroom would still appear rather bare. Smaller pieces of furniture and accessories make the bedroom more homely. One of the most important pieces of bedroom furniture is the bedside table , or a side table that functions as a bedside table. It is placed next to the bed and offers space for things such as lamps, books, a mobile phone or a glass of water, both in and on it. A make-up table is also a good alternative; logically, things such as make-up, hair care and other care utensils are stowed here that may not find space in the bathroom. Matching the dressing table or your wardrobe, there should definitely be a wall mirror in the bedroom in which you can look at your chosen outfit. A good choice would be the CALEO wall mirror from Metallbude, for example, because it offers you additional storage space for jewelry or other things. Lamps are also bedroom furniture that should be on your shopping list. Here you have the choice between smaller bedside lamps, floor lamps or permanently installed lights with dimming function and night light effect. There are also cozy accessories such as pillows and blankets, carpets and other textiles, as well as personal items such as pictures that make your bedroom really homely and personal.

Efficiently integrate bedroom furniture into small bedrooms

Space is often saved in favor of the other rooms in the bedroom. But if you follow a few rules, you can make the most of the limited space in your bedroom. Above all, you should opt for light, airy colors. White bedroom furniture is perfect for this. Storage beds offer you additional space under the bed and allow textiles such as duvets, covers and pillows to disappear. A built-in cupboard, for example with slopes, also helps you to use the available space sensibly. Narrow furniture, such as narrow bedside tables or a very filigree lamp, such as the LED floor lamp FAROL from Metallbude, bring additional storage space and lots of light into small rooms. A wall mirror also creates the optical enlargement of a room and makes it appear more airy.

Buy bedroom furniture at Metallbude

Your bedroom should be an oasis of calm for you. So set it up the way you like it. It doesn't matter whether you choose black or white, whether you prefer bedroom furniture made of metal or wood or even mix materials and furnishing styles, at Metallbude you will find modern and minimalist furniture that fits into every home. Secure further advantages when buying your bedroom furniture:

  • Depending on the product, individual dimensions or colors can be specified (please contact us),
  • from an order value of 150 € you get free shipping within Germany,
  • our products are handmade and almost all items are made in Germany.

Buy your bedroom furniture at Metallbude now!