Loft Style - Industrial Charm in your own four Walls

The loft style evolved from living in former industrial buildings and warehouses. It is characterized by open living spaces, industrial-style metal furniture and minimalist furnishings. Loft style interiors are suitable for anyone who wants an urban, modern flair at home and feels comfortable in a home with clear structures.


Loft Style - Industrial Charm becomes a Living Trend

The loft style was created in old warehouses and industrial buildings. There were no individual rooms in these large spaces. Therefore, in a loft, all living areas exist in one large room without any boundaries. Accordingly, the loft style is a particularly open interior design style. The individual living areas can be separated from each other by creating focal points or islands.

But other elements from the old industrial days are also characteristic of the loft style today. These include materials such as metal, concrete, wood and leather. In addition, the brickwork in the halls is unplastered and lines are often exposed. The colors of the loft style are earthy.

Since old, empty factory buildings are anything but overcrowded, the loft style is characterized by a minimum of furniture and furnishings. Less is definitely more. In addition, the loft style relies on clean lines, straightforwardness, and functionality.

This is how the Loft Style finds its way into your Apartment

Meter-high ceilings, huge window fronts, countless square meters and no separate rooms. These are the hallmarks of a loft. But only a few of us have such a living space available. Nevertheless, you can transform your apartment into a loft-style home:

  • Appropriate Wall Look: Unplastered brick or raw concrete walls are typical of the loft style. Matching wallpaper, a textured wall, or rough plaster will create a wall look that evokes the raw charm of old factory buildings. Light wall and ceiling colors also work well with the loft style, making your home feel larger and brighter.
  • Matching Floor: The floor should have an untreated or distressed look. Rough concrete or wooden floors are suitable for this, which you can see that they have been there for some time.
  • Matching Furniture: Metal furniture such as metal shelves and chairs are reminiscent of the materials used in old factory floors. A coffee table with a black metal frame and wooden top and other pieces of metal furniture create an industrial style living room. A wardrobe made of black pipes fits in the hallway, and in the bedroom your clothes will find an optimal place on a black metal coat rack. In the loft style, it is important that the furniture is simple and functional and that you choose subtle colors.
  • Matching Colors: Loud colors don't go with the loft style. Discreet and earthy colors are in demand. Striking colors such as red or green should only be used to set accents. Otherwise, the colors of the loft style are white, brown, copper, gray and black.
  • Matching Lamps: Lamps that emphasize the factory charm of the loft style are
    • Factory style lamps
    • Metal hanging light
    • Bare bulbs or bulb lights Luminaires
    • Lattice design lampshades
  • Matching Decoration: The loft style, which is characterized by minimalism, tends to dispense with decoration. Above all, you should avoid small-scale decoration. Rather choose a few decorative pieces such as a poster, a picture on canvas or a sculpture that you stage as an eye-catcher. Other decorative elements that match the loft style are
    • Simple Candlesticks made of Concrete
    • Green Plants
    • Decorative Objects of Metal or Copper

More tips for a Loft-Style Apartment

  • With visual axes you can optically enlarge the room so that it is reminiscent of the spaciousness of a factory building. Mirror surfaces opposite your window reflect the light and make the room appear larger and brighter. Ceiling spotlights create more optical depth.
  • So that the airy character of a loft is not lost, you should avoid too much furniture. It is better to rely on a few selected pieces and avoid too many pieces of furniture.
  • Make sure that there is as much free wall and floor space as possible in your apartment.
  • Low furniture gives the illusion of height when the ceiling is normal.
  • Industrial furniture goes perfectly with the loft style.
  • Flea market finds and upcycled furniture underline the industrial style of the loft style.
  • Simple curtains or blinds go better with the loft style than lush curtains.

Even if you don't live in a loft, you can transform your home into a loft-style apartment with a lot of industrial chic with the right furniture from Metallbude and the right wall design.