Purism: elegant clarity in the room


Furnish puristically - what does the living trend mean for my home?

Purism stands for clarity. Whether clear lines, clear room organization, colors or room content - this furnishing style puts the focus on the room and ensures stylish elegance. In the next four points, we reveal what this means for your facility.

1. Purism as a way of life

Even in Roman times, the basic philosophical attitude was simplicity and the reduction of all excess. In Asia - especially in Japan - there is a similar way of life with Wabi Sabi , recognizing the beauty in imperfection, being satisfied with the simple things, appreciating them, enjoying them and accepting transience. This attitude is reaching many people who want to get out of the overflow and into the puristic. The furnishing style is by no means uncomfortable or boring. On the contrary - it provides more well-being and relaxation, as you know it from wellness rooms. So if you want to soothe your eyes, senses and psyche, you should live minimalist .

2. Clean lines and shapes

Classic shapes ensure timeless furnishings. This timelessness is preserved for a long time with simple, unobtrusive pieces of furniture, because the value is placed on something almost imperishable.

3. Minimalist details

The following applies not only to the entire furnishing, but also to the decoration: less is more. With a strict selection of special things, you can no longer go wrong with the puristic furnishing. If you like to decorate, you can change the decoration more often instead of adding new ones.

4. Clear living concept

In order to furnish a room puristically, you should pay attention to a well thought-out placement of the furniture in the room in order to give the objects in the respective room the right effect. If this is not the case, the facility appears unfinished instead of puristic. To prevent this from happening to you, we have put together a few tips for you.

Shower shelf SHEA - White shower shelf in a shower | metal booth


How do I implement the puristic furnishings in my apartment?

If you have an open, spacious and bright apartment, this is particularly advantageous for a puristic interior. The pure space is in the foreground here. With the right pieces of furniture, materials, colors and a well thought-out concept, you can create the furnishing style in every apartment.

The right colors

Basically, everything is possible, but only discreetly and in moderation. You have the option of combining white with a few accents. Dark tones are also allowed. Other colors can also be considered for purism, provided they are not too garish and do not overwhelm the stimuli. In addition to white and black, these include anthracite, beige, gray caramel tones or aubergine. Make sure your furniture and other items are monochromatic. Subtle color combinations are also possible.

Little decoration

The puristic furnishing style is about the essentials. This includes little or no decoration. So if you absolutely cannot do without decoration, accentuated pictures, a few candlesticks or house plants can give the room a pleasant flair. In order to stay on the right path, the following applies: less is more.

High quality

If the interior has been successfully reduced, the focus is particularly on the furniture. That's why good quality with a simple design and clear shapes is required here. You can achieve this with a coffee table, which can have a black metal frame and an oak top. This looks high-quality and can be perfectly combined with other furnishings thanks to the straight-line design.

light and materials

In order to round off the living concept in all areas, the materials and lighting must be right. A wide variety of materials are suitable for this. On the one hand wood, which provides lively warmth, and noble materials such as chrome steel, metal, stone or glass. Silk, cotton, cashmere and linen can be used to add structure and depth to a simple interior, while at the same time creating excitement. Indirect light ensures even more purism. Individual floor lamps can be perfectly combined.


Step by step to purism

You now know the rules of the game when it comes to puristic furnishings. But the actual implementation can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you have not been able to part with things before. We have the ultimate guide for you on how to proceed:

Step 1 - Start with a room

One after the other, as the saying goes. Before you tackle the whole apartment, start by emptying just one room. Say goodbye to the things you no longer need.

Step 2 - organize and clean up

To create order, put everything where it belongs. Then, for example, the hand cream can be put back in the bathroom or the book can be put back on the shelf. Once everything is in place, look again and look for things you can do without. It's best to get them out of the room first, you can decide later what exactly happens to them.

Step 3 - Plan furniture placement and clear out

Think about how you want to design the space. What is the best way to place the furniture? Is there any furniture that you no longer need?

Step 4 - test different variants

Once you have decided on a version, try it out first. During the day you can pay attention to the incidence of light and adjust the lighting in the evening. After trying, you know exactly what needs to be changed to get the optimal positioning.

Step 5 - choose the right color

Now you can decide on a color combination. Basic colors such as white and black are just as suitable for a puristic furnishing style as warm colors consisting of wood tones or beige. Red is great for an Asian touch. If you still want something less exciting, you can fall back on Japandi .

Step 6 - bring patterns into play

If the colors alone are a little too monotonous for you, geometric shapes such as stripes or dots can be used as patterns. These have an order, just like in Purism. But here, too, you have to be careful not to use too many patterns. To stay on the safe side, you can combine a few patterns with plain-colored surfaces.

Step 7 - Finish off with decorations

To round off the setup, you can use decoration. In purism, large but few decorative pieces are more suitable.

Now you're almost ready to get started, but still need some inspiration for the absolutely puristic look? At Metallbude you will find suitable products for a puristic interior.

October 10, 2022