Scandi Style - where naturalness and comfort meet

Reduced design with high comfort and a lot of cosiness - that is the Scandi style that has spilled over to us from the Scandinavian countries and with which the Scandinavians defy the dark winter months. The focus is on clear, simple and timeless shapes, natural materials, comfortable textiles, lots of light and bright, friendly colours.

The living style, inspired by the endless natural landscapes of the Nordic countries, is suitable for people who want a tidy and clean home that does not appear cold but radiates a lot of warmth.


This is what defines the Scandi style

The Scandi style stands for

  • Reduced living: Furnishing in Scandi style means living in a minimalist way . Scandi style apartments are clean and tidy. Flourishes are out of place. Simple lines and minimalistic, functional pieces of furniture are captivating. Furniture and accessories exercise restraint and demand no attention. The Scandi style is practical and sustainable, but still cozy and full of warmth.
  • Light and natural colors: Soft, natural colors go well with the Scandi style. Loud colors are out of place here. The basic tones of the Scandi style are white in various shades, beige and pastel colors. Black or shades of gray are suitable for setting accents and creating clear lines.
  • Natural materials : Since the Scandi style is inspired by the nature of Scandinavia, natural materials such as wood, linen and cotton are primarily used. Far ahead are light woods such as birch, ash, pine and spruce. A visible grain underlines the nature of the furnishing style.

This is how you implement the Scandi style in your home

  • Rely on light and natural materials and opt for furniture made of light wood. Blankets and pillows should be made of linen or cotton, and furs give the room an extra touch of coziness and warmth. Cushions with graphic patterns such as stripes, diamonds and dots create clear lines.
  • Accessories and decorations made of transparent glass and porcelain go perfectly with the Scandi style.
  • Pictures with nature motifs such as leaves, twigs or animals, or photos of natural landscapes such as rivers, fjords or lakes are on the walls.
  • In winter it is dark in Scandinavia. That's why the Scandi Style relies on a lot of light. Provide numerous indirect light sources and choose lamps and candles with a simple design. This is how you create a cozy atmosphere.
  • The Scandi style stands for minimalism. Therefore, you should furnish your apartment in a minimalist way and there should only be furniture in your apartment that you really need and that has a function. These should be unfussy and without embellishments.


Scandi style in every room

  • Living room : Above all, the living room should be comfortable. Wooden furniture and white furnishings make your living room homely. Textiles made from natural materials ensure extra comfort and warmth. Curtains and blankets with graphic patterns set appropriate accents and indirect light sources let your living room shine in the right and, above all, cozy light.
  • Bedroom : Nature themed murals bring calm to the room and allow you to relax. Decorative elements made of seagrass or rattan baskets for your laundry underline the natural character of the Scandi style. Bright colors promote your sleep. However, you can set accents with shades such as gray or dark blue.
  • Kitchen : For the kitchen, a wooden floor and white kitchen cabinets form an optimal and harmonious picture. You should make sure that the kitchen offers enough storage space so that nothing is standing around and the kitchen makes a clean impression. Suitable decorations are fresh cut flowers or simple candlesticks on the dining table.

Scandi Style - more than just a furnishing style

With the Scandi Style you create a home with a unique atmosphere and a practical and sustainable interior. As with the Japandi style, minimalism is also in the foreground here. This ensures that you concentrate on the essentials and consciously perceive the small moments of happiness. You free yourself from things that are not good for you. Therefore, the Scandi style is more than just a furnishing style, it is also a way of life. At the same time, it reflects the lightness and freedom of Scandinavia and the Danish attitude towards life Hygge (the art of recognizing something special in everyday life and consciously noticing small things) rubs off on you.


Scandi style furniture

Furniture in the Scandi style impresses above all with its functionality. Each piece of furniture serves a purpose and is not just there for aesthetic or decorative reasons. It is also characteristic that the function dictates the form and not the other way around. You won't find flourishes and embellishments on this furniture. The focus is on a minimalist design, as with the furniture from Metallbude . Here you will find filigree furniture for all rooms that go perfectly with reduced furnishings and also with Japanese living. Our metal shoe rack enchants your entrance area into a minimalistic hallway, our filigree towel rails ensure that your bathroom is tidy and not cluttered, and our coffee tables with wooden tops exude naturalness.

The Scandi style stands for minimalism and naturalness and can be quickly implemented with reduced furnishings.

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November 24, 2022