Office Shelves create Storage Space without taking up much Space

Anyone who works a lot at home in their home office or in addition to the hours in the office needs a tidy and orderly study in order to be able to work in peace. With office shelves you can create storage space for folders, important documents and papers and thanks to the open compartments you always have everything in view and ready to hand and don't have to search for a long time. Study shelves are available in different designs and variants. Most models are very compact, so they take up little space but still provide plenty of storage space.



Study Shelf: These Versions are available

Office shelves are available as narrow or wide models, half-height or high, with or without castors, as corner shelves, as modern wall shelves or in filigree designs suitable for minimalist furnishing . Here you will find a description of the different variants:


  • The rollable Office Shelf

Mobile pedestals are particularly practical thanks to their wheels: you can easily move them around your study. This makes them ideal for use as study shelves. They usually have several drawers for office supplies such as punches, staplers, pens, and other small items. The top shelf provides space for your calendar and other things you need to keep close at hand.


  • The rotating Office Shelf

Rotating study shelves create ample storage space without taking up much room. These shelving columns are available in heights up to two meters, so you can store a lot of papers and documents. The rotating feature also allows you to reach everything from multiple sides.


  • The Office Shelf with Doors

The practical thing about a bookcase with doors is that it can be a bit messy. Because it simply disappears behind opaque doors. You can tuck away loose documents that have not yet been filed, without making the whole study look chaotic and untidy. A model with lockable doors ensures that you can safely store important documents that you don't want anyone else to have access to.


  • The Office Shelf as a Corner Shelf

A corner shelf is especially space-saving because you can make good use of otherwise empty corners. You can store binders, books, and other documents in the various shelves.


  • A heavy-duty Shelf as an Office Shelf

If you have to store a lot of older documents in your study or have heavy equipment, a heavy-duty shelf is suitable as a study shelf. These shelves are usually up to two meters high and can carry a weight of up to 175 kg.



  • An Office Shelf on the Wall

A narrow shelf that mounts directly to the wall creates storage space in places that would otherwise go unused. A black metal shelf next to the desk is also eye-catching and a great place to store pens, pads, and anything else you want to keep close at hand.


Small or Large: Which Office Shelving fits in which Study?

Not only do office shelving units come in a variety of designs, study rooms come in a variety of layouts and sizes. If you don't have a study, you often have to move to the living room. Read on to find out which office shelving goes with which study, and which shelving can be used to create a work area in the living room:


Office Shelf creates Storage Space in small Offices

Make the most of the space under your desk with a mobile container. Simply slide it under the desk top and use the storage space in the drawers. A high corner shelf, two meters high, creates space for files and compartments in a small footprint of just 40 x 40 cm. Add a black console table to create even more storage space in the study. These tables are usually very narrow and therefore very space-saving. You can also store documents in the open shelves and use the top shelf for writing utensils, your calendar and photos of your loved ones.




Relaxed working Atmosphere in large Study Rooms with matching Office Shelves

Entire walls of shelving can be used to create a large study that can hold folders, boxes of old documents, and books. These study shelves can take up an entire wall and go all the way up to the ceiling. A large study also lends itself to a rotating column that can be placed anywhere in the room. Using a few shelves for decorative items, vases, and picture frames will loosen up your study and create a pleasant working atmosphere. Half-height shelves or smaller wall shelves also work well for decorative items - beige metal shelves are popular right now, for example.


Delimit a Working Corner in the Living Room with Office Shelves

To create a work corner in the living room, you can use wide office shelves that are two meters wide and two meters high. Such a model can visually separate the work area from the living area. If you use a deep, open shelf as a room divider, you can fill it with office supplies from the office side and use it as a bookcase from the living room side.

With the right study shelf, you can create plenty of storage space in your study or a cozy work area in the living room. This way, you can keep things tidy and create an atmosphere that is conducive to working.


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