Must-Have for more Storage Space in the Bathroom: the Vanity Unit


A vanity is an absolute must when it comes to creating storage space in the bathroom. Whether you choose a vanity with doors and shelves or a vanity with drawers, everything that shouldn't be on top of the sink disappears into a vanity, but it's still easy to reach.


More Storage Space in the Bathroom thanks to the space-saving Mirror Cabinet


A mirror cabinet above the washbasin is a real space saver and, next to the vanity unit, another must-have for more storage space in the bathroom. While a simple mirror offers little or no storage space, there is room for all kinds of utensils in a mirror cabinet. At the same time, they disappear behind the mirrored doors so that they don't stand around chaotically and untidy.

Shelves in the shower and tub create storage space in the bathroom


Everything you need for showering or bathing should be there and ready to hand. In many cases, this means that shampoo and co are lying around untidy on the edge of the tub or shower. Corner shelves that are attached to the corner of the shower or tub or shower shelves that are attached to the wall or hung on the shower cubicle walls can help. Shampoo, conditioner, bath additives, conditioner, shower gel and shaving cream can be stored in these hanging baskets. You can keep small items like razors in an additional cup that is on the shelf. So you have everything right at hand. Shower shelves with suction cups or shelves that are attached with adhesive strips can be easily removed later without leaving ugly drill holes.

Use wall surfaces for more storage space in the bathroom

Storage space can often be moved upwards. If you use the wall surfaces in your bathroom, the floor space remains free and the bathroom does not appear as cluttered and larger. Practical wall organizers can be attached to a coat hook made of black metal. Alternatively, you can hang up baskets or mesh bags to create additional storage space in the bathroom for cosmetics and the like. Of course you can mount a wall shelf instead or use the hooks for washcloths, body brushes or as a towel holder for the wall .

Towel ladder creates storage space in the bathroom

Standing towel rails or a towel ladder also find a place in narrow bathrooms. They are not as deep as a shelf and can be placed close to the wall. That is why they are a good alternative if a shelf does not fit into the bathroom. At the same time, they are absolute eye-catchers. Not only do they make your bathroom look good, but they also provide space for towels, clothes and even hanging plants.


Don't waste storage space in the bathroom - use niches

In many bathrooms there are small niches that are not used. Narrow niches between the washbasin and shower or bath and washing machine or wall corners offer storage space in the bathroom and should not be left unused. A small metal shelf or a niche shelf and care products, toilet paper rolls or anything else will find a place here.

Storage space in the bathroom: place shelves above the toilet, door or washing machine

The space above the toilet, the door or the washing machine often remains unused. A lot of storage space is lost. Special superstructure shelves for the washing machine, individually mounted shelves or wall shelves are suitable for storing towels, toilet paper rolls and detergent.

If your washing machine is near the shower, tub or sink, you can also make good use of the space above the washing machine with a ceiling towel rail . The towel holder is attached to the ceiling in two places and hangs in a U-shape. This is how you use space that would otherwise remain unused.


More storage space: Wall projections offer storage space

Wall ledges can be found in many bathrooms. They offer space for cosmetics, a supply of toilet paper or other items and should therefore definitely be used as storage space in the bathroom. At the same time, they are suitable for making them particularly decorative. To avoid a messy impression and bottles, tubes and cans standing around in a chaotic manner, you should use crates and boxes and store the products in them. Boxes made of bamboo or fabric are particularly beautiful. Wall ledges are also suitable for decorative items such as candles and plants that transform your bathroom into a small relaxation paradise.

Tray on the sink provides more storage space in the bathroom

Many modern washbasins have a rectangular shape and are particularly wide. The space on the sides is rarely used for washing hands and the like and usually stays dry. The perfect place for additional storage space: There is room for soap and the like on a board or a tray for the washbasin and you create additional storage space next to the edge of the washbasin.


With the right furniture and the optimal use of space, storage space can be created in the bathroom. This way, the bathroom makes a tidy and cozy impression and you can really relax there.

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