How Teamwork shapes our Business Culture


Metallbude is constantly growing. Not only as a company, but also as a team. We now employ almost 40 people, and with each new hire, tasks are restructured and redistributed. This is sometimes our biggest challenge as a start-up. At the same time, our main concern is to maintain our company culture and not only set an example of modern work, but also make it possible for everyone - regardless of the size of the team. Because when it comes to New Work, our focus is not on digital, but on people.




Work-Family Balance

Career or family? At Metallbude, it's not an either/or decision - especially for women. The key word here is "work-life balance", i.e. reconciling professional demands with family obligations. As we all know, this requires a conscious allocation of time and energy in order to be both effective at work and spend quality time with your family. And this is exactly what we at Metallbude want to make possible for everyone. Babies and children are welcome in our office. Flexible working hours are possible. And there is always understanding - from colleagues and management alike. It sounds almost utopian, but our employees show how it's done: whether it's a mother of two small children in the home office with a weekly office day or a breastfeeding mother in a team meeting - everything is possible if you really want it. And the best part: There are always helping hands and volunteer babysitters in the office to make it easier for mothers to balance work and family life.




Family 2.0

In addition to general corporate values, family values play an important role in our company and are at the heart of our work culture. They emphasize cohesion, respect, and support among colleagues in the team - similar to a family. These values promote teamwork, open communication and trust, which have a positive impact on the working atmosphere. Our personal experience: A productive and harmonious work environment is the foundation for a healthy work-life balance, employee motivation and retention, and personal growth within the company. The sense of belonging and community is therefore very strong at Metallbude. Not only are tasks, rooms and the coffee machine shared, but also good conversations, good food and (more or less) good music. All in all, each of us can say with a clear conscience and conviction: Metallbude is like a second family.