We are celebrating 3 Years of modern Metal Furniture


Metallbude has a reason to celebrate: the company was officially founded on September 25, 2020. Today, the four founders and the team look back on three exciting, emotional and successful years. What started out as a dream, first became a bold idea and later a concrete plan, now enriches your home and our lives in the form of RUBI, LIVIA, DELAYA and Co.




What developed from an Idea


The story of Metallbude begins quite simply: "Just do it" was the motto. Four young men - two brothers, their brother-in-law and a mutual friend - decided, as complete career changers and in the midst of the Corona pandemic, to venture out on their own and break into the e-commerce sector. The idea was to design high-quality, minimalist metal furniture, produce it themselves, and sell it through their own online store. With combined forces and individual focus, first the company, then the first products, then the online shop, and finally the brand was born. On a few square meters in a garage workshop, but with many hours of work, hard work and perseverance. The good response in the form of an increasing number of incoming orders proved that the hard work and the belief in one's own project were worth it.




Our Milestones from the last 3 Years


Since then, the company has grown in every respect: the Metallbude brand is better known, the team is more multi-professional, the product range is more diverse and the premises have become larger. This can be seen in the sales figures, the number of followers and various media reports. We are particularly proud of our partnership with Wortmann Future Capital GmbH and the awards we have received to date: German Business Award, Red Dot Award, Focus Open Award, Employer of the Future and Top Company. Other highlights for us were the organization of our own design competition in 2022 and the invitation to be a guest speaker at the 5th INSIDE industry summit this year. Looking back, Metallbude never stood still - in fact, one highlight followed the next.



Small Celebration as a “Thank You” for the Managers


In order to show the four founders and managers Tobi, Dennis, Rudi and Christian the respect, pride and appreciation they deserve, all Metallbude employees came up with a surprise for the bosses on their own initiative and as a team: a birthday party in the true Metallbude style. No sooner said than done: the surprise was a success and the evening was spent with pizza and wine and happy faces on both sides.