Metallbude at MOW 2023: A look back at our impressive presence


Five exciting days at the “MOW - the trade fair for the furniture business” 2023 are behind us and we are almost sad that we have to exchange our beautiful trade fair stand for the office again. This year too it was a real eye-catcher and an important conversation opener.



Trends and developments in the furniture industry: Our trade fair experience at MOW 2023


The furniture industry is constantly changing, and MOW 2023 once again presented the latest trends and developments in this area. At the trade fair we were able to discover a variety of innovative design concepts and technological advances that are revolutionizing the way we see and use furniture. A key trend that is emerging is sustainability. More and more furniture manufacturers are relying on environmentally friendly materials and production processes. Recycling and upcycling are also important buzzwords. Another trend is the integration of technology into furniture pieces. Smart furniture that can be controlled via apps to adjust lighting, temperature or sound is on the rise. It is also noticeable that minimalism is still popular, with clean lines and simple design. In terms of color, natural tones and soft pastel colors dominate.



Wine & nice conversations: afterwork party


An afterwork party is the ideal way to relax after a busy day at MOW and at the same time take the opportunity to get in touch with colleagues, customers and industry representatives in a relaxed atmosphere. At Metallbude we understand the importance of wine, good food and nice conversations to deepen business relationships and make new contacts. Our after-work party in our production hall was an opportunity to network, exchange experiences and discuss the latest trends in the furniture industry. With an appealing ambience, we created an inviting atmosphere in which our guests could feel comfortable and enjoy the evening - whether with a glass of wine in the lounge, in front of the food truck or between the equipment of our production.



Metal furniture in focus: Our experiences and findings from MOW 2023


MOW 2023 was once again an enlightening experience for us. During the trade fair we were able to gather a wealth of important impressions and insights. We took the opportunity to showcase our own brand and product variety to a larger industry audience while exploring innovative designs and products. We have also gained valuable insights into our customers’ needs and preferences. These insights will help us to continue developing high-quality metal furniture that meets current market requirements, including at an international level. Overall, this year's MOW was an inspiring platform that helped us further deepen our passion for metal furniture and bring our products to the forefront of the industry.