Matches Storage

Modern DIY Matchbox

Especially when it comes to creating an atmospheric atmosphere in the home with candles, matches have a unique fascination. Their soft crackling and flickering flames add warmth and comfort to the moment. The right candle holder - especially a homemade one - can add an additional aesthetic touch, personalizing the experience and turning the act of lighting a candle into a lovingly crafted moment. This article presents a particularly stylish and practical way to store your matches.


This is how you store your Matches in a modern way

We are fans of simple and timeless elegance that gives every home that certain something. The small label LADORESA also follows this philosophy with its handmade, high-quality ceramic accessories. The storage box LIAH with lid was our starting point for a stylish matchbox. Transforming it into a matchbox is incredibly easy and only requires self-adhesive match paper:


  1. Place the lid of the ceramic jar on the back of the self-adhesive matchstick paper.
  2. Mark the inside of the cover with a pencil or something similar.
  3. Cut out the resulting circle.
  4. Glue the circular matchstick paper to the inside of the lid.
  5. Fill the tin with your matches and your new trinket is ready.


Practical & Chic at the same time: DIY Match Box

Modern match storage offers several benefits beyond the purely functional. It allows for creative and personalized design that blends seamlessly into an individual's interior. By using contemporary materials and designs, storage can become a stylish accessory. In addition, well-designed matchbox storage helps keep things tidy and makes it easier to access matches. Since the matchbox is reusable, it is also a highly sustainable storage solution and decoration.



Light Candles with Matches – Perfect Storage for you



The modern matchbox can be easily integrated into the interior in a variety of ways:



  • Decorative Accent: Place the matchbox as a decorative element on a side table, dresser or shelf.
  • On a Tray: Place the matchbox on a stylish tray next to candles or other accessories. This creates an organized and aesthetically pleasing presentation.
  • Fireplace Surround: If you have a fireplace, place the matchbox on the mantel with candles or other decorations. This gives the room a cozy atmosphere.
  • In the Bathroom: If you use candles in the bathroom, you can place the matchbox on a shelf or decorative tray next to the candles.


Remember to place the matchbox in areas where it is easily accessible and at the same time aesthetically pleasing. This will make it a functional and stylish element of your interior.