Paper Star DIY

Make your own Paper Star

Making your own Christmas decorations is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to the holiday season. One creative and fun way to prepare for the holidays is to make paper stars. This do-it-yourself project offers the opportunity to create custom holiday decorations and transform your home into a festive oasis. The homemade stars, made from standard paper envelopes, are perfect for tree ornaments, window treatments or gifts. An optional custom design allows you to express your creativity and create a unique paper star.


DIY Christmas Star – your Craft Instructions

Would you like to recreate the decorative paper star out of brown envelopes?


  • 12 brown Envelopes
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step-by-Step Instructions:
1. Start by preparing the envelopes. Cut the envelopes tapered toward the opening to create the star shape.

  1. Then cut a smaller tip into the side of each envelope to give the star more detail.
  2. Now the envelopes come together: Apply glue to the “T-zone” of each envelope, drawing a line both from the center of the bottom edge of the envelope to the tip and along the bottom edge of the envelope itself.
  3. Now carefully place the envelopes on top of each other so that they overlap in the middle. The glue should hold the envelopes together.
  4. Once all the envelopes are glued together, pull them apart to form the star-shaped structure.
  5. Finally, glue the first and end last together to close the star.


Make your own Christmas Decorations

Homemade Christmas decorations are not only a beautiful way to brighten up your home, they also make wonderful gifts that add a personal touch. When you put the time and effort into making something yourself, the gift becomes something unique and meaningful. Handmade gifts like paper stars express appreciation and care. They show that you've put some thought and time into creating something special. Homemade Christmas decorations can be customized to reflect the recipient's tastes, preferences, and style.



Make a Paper Star- without a lot of Materials

The DIY poinsettia craft project is not only easy and time-saving, but also requires only a handful of materials. Hang your star, decorate your walls, or give it to friends and family to share the holiday spirit. Happy crafting!