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LET THERE BE LIGHT. The NOA S set includes our candle holder NOA and the coaster KIVA, which transform into a stylish candle holder with metal base that complements any table, shelf or window sill. Our shop offers suitable stick or taper candles.

Good to know: To prevent any harm to the plate, it is recommended to place or remove the candle holders on it in a particular position instead of moving them.

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Product details

Sheet steel

Length: 10 cm Width: 13 cm

1 kg

Fine structured powder coating

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Minimalist and modern: metal candle holder

The minimalist candle holder NOA is an outstanding home accessory made from high-quality, powder-coated metal. With its simple yet appealing design, it integrates effortlessly into modern interiors and embodies minimalism and elegance in its purest form. Made from high-quality metal, the NOA candle holder not only offers a robust construction, but also an aesthetically pleasing look. The special surface and the clear design language give it a contemporary and modern look. The powder coating also ensures a durable surface that is scratch-resistant and long-lasting. Another highlight of the NOA candle holder is its magnetic properties. Thanks to a strong magnet, candles can be securely attached to the holder without the need for additional holders or candle holders. This creates a clean and minimalist aesthetic that fits perfectly into a modern interior. Whether in the living room, bedroom or on the dining table: the metal candle holder gives every room a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Metal decor - Candle holder on magnetic coaster

With the practical NOA S set, consisting of a KIVA coaster and a NOA candle holder, you can bring a high-quality, minimalist home accessory into your home. The resulting candle holder can be integrated into the furnishings in various ways to add a decorative accent and a to create a cozy atmosphere. 1. Table decoration: Place the candlestick as a centerpiece on the dining table, console or side table. 2. Shelves and Display Cabinets: Place the candlestick on shelves or in display cases to create visual variety and draw attention to special objects. 3. Outdoor area: Use the candle holders, which are also suitable for outdoor use, to illuminate the terrace, balcony or garden. Place them on tables, railings or near seating to create a warm and inviting outdoor atmosphere.

How can we help?


What does the NOA S candle holder set include?

A NOA S set always consists of one coaster KIVA and one candle holder NOA. For instance, when you purchase three NOA S sets, you will receive three candle sleeves, each with a coaster. The color of both items in the set is always the same and cannot be combined.

How durable is the magnet of the metal candle holder?

Our candle holder NOA is made of high-quality steel and finished with a finely structured powder coating. This enhances the home accessory's durability, making it scratch, shock, and impact resistant, ensuring a sustainable, long-lasting service life.

For what size candles is the metal candle holder NOA S suitable?

The metal candle holder has a inner diameter of 22 millimeters that should be considered while selecting candles. The minimalistic candle holder is compatible with various types of candles such as table candles, stick candles, whip candles, and even modern spiral candles.

Which products pairs well with the modern and magnetic candle holder?

In our shop you will find high-quality taper candles of the danish brand "ester & erik" in sets of 2. These candles come in a variety of colors, ensuring a perfect match for your candle holder NOA. The taper candles can be reordered as long as the stock lasts.

Is it easy to remove wax from the metal candle holder?

Candle wax on a metal base, like our minimalistic metal candle holder NOA, may not look great, but it's not a problem either. Here's a simple hack: Place the candle holder in the oven at about 100 degrees for a short time until the wax has melted and can be wiped off the with a cloth or something similar.

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