DIY Canvas Painting: Abstract Texture Waves

If you prefer a minimalist look in your home, you can make a statement with decorative home accessories. Abstract art, in particular, blends harmoniously into a modern, minimalist interior without breaking the minimalism. Especially exciting are dynamic shapes and patterns that provide an interesting contrast to linear, geometric furniture. How about ocean waves, for example?
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Interested in modern Art? Create your Canvas with a Wave Pattern

This has given rise to the art form of Abstract Texture, which focuses on creating abstract images that are primarily characterized by textures, patterns, shapes, and colors. Rather than depicting concrete, recognizable objects or shapes, this art form emphasizes the sensory experience of surface and visual elements. Abstract Texture Art invites the viewer to explore the visual surface and respond to the sensory response of the eye and possibly the hands. It allows for artistic freedom and interpretation because it does not prescribe fixed forms or structures. This art form often emphasizes emotion, mood, and sensory experience and can be executed in a variety of styles and techniques. This art form tends to be in the high price range and has become a popular do-it-yourself project, allowing you to create your own work of art from a blank canvas.

Instructions for your modern DIY Canvas

You need:

That's how it works:

  1. As a first step, prime the Canvas with white Acrylic Paint . Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.
  2. Then apply the Structure paste to the designated areas with the Painting Knife and distribute it.
  3. Use the painting knives and notched Spatulas to create the desired wave shape.
  4. Let the whole thing dry thoroughly again and finally paint over the areas with the colored Acrylic Paint

Have fun imitating!


You can use the acrylic paints and the high-quality structure paste for additional pictures or DIYs, as you only need a fraction of the content. We have had good experiences with this screen , which is offered in a set of 2.
We use high-quality painting knives, alternatively you can try another brand . These mixing cups are practical and reusable - you can also close them and your remaining paint won't dry out!
To enhance your work of art, you can present it in a shadow gap frame .

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