Minimalist Shell Candles

Decorative Shell Candle made from Soy Wax

Create your own Seashell Candle

Shells are associated with summer, vacation and the sea, making them a popular souvenir. So it's no wonder that they are often used as home decor. Thanks to their natural beauty and unique shapes, shells are also becoming increasingly popular for DIY projects, allowing you to create unique works of art - be it jewelry, wall art or candle holders. With our DIY projects, you can get more out of your beach find and create the perfect summer decoration for your indoor or outdoor space in just a few steps.

DIY Shell Candle Instructions

All you need is a large seashell of your choice, soy wax, a standard candle wick set, and a mason jar and pot. The first step is to heat and melt the required amount of soy wax in the jar over a water bath in the pot. Meanwhile, prepare the wick in the mason jar according to the instructions. Pour the melted soy wax into the bowl and let it set. The finished shell candle looks great on a set table, indoors or outdoors, on a windowsill, or as part of a larger decorative arrangement. By using different shells with unique shapes, colors and textures, you have several design options to suit your room and decorating style. The DIY Shell Candle also makes a beautiful gift with a personal touch.

You need:

That's how it works:

  1. Heat the required amount of soy wax in a mason jar over a water bath and melt it.
  2. In the meantime, prepare the wick set in the shell according to the instructions.
  3. Pour the melted soy wax into the shells and allow to harden.

Shell Candle – DIY with your Holiday Souvenir

Bring back memories of your vacation with a DIY project: the shell candle. Not only does the shell candle create a cozy atmosphere, but it is also a personal work of art and a creative and relaxing DIY project that keeps your vacation memories alive while bringing a touch of nature and warmth to your home. Good to know: In some cultures, shells are seen as symbols of protection, good luck or fertility, or can have spiritual meanings. In general, the sight of shells is said to have a calming effect. The gentle sound of the ocean and the image of shells can reduce stress and promote relaxation.

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