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Color: Black

The modern glass soap dispenser with pump system combines functionality and aesthetics to fit seamlessly into any bathroom or kitchen. Its minimalist design adds contemporary elegance to any space. The glass allows you to easily see the soap level, while the robust pump system ensures effortless dispensing. The simple design emphasizes the simplicity and practicality of the product, making it not only functional but also a decorative element.

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Product details

Material: Glass, Plastic
Capacity: 500ml
Dimensions: Height: 22 cm, Diameter: 7 cm
Weight: 100g

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Glass Soap Dispenser for timeless Aesthetics

The modern glass soap dispenser with pump system combines excellent functionality with timeless aesthetics and is ideal for integration into any bathroom or kitchen. The clear glass design not only allows you to easily check the soap level, but also gives the room an airy and elegant feel. The sturdy pump mechanism ensures precise dispensing of soap, while the high-quality glass finish gives the dispenser a long-lasting quality. This clean and minimalist option is perfect for those who value both functionality and simple beauty.

Elegance in matt black

For a touch of sophistication, the modern glass pump soap dispenser is also available in an elegant matte black glass finish. This option adds depth and modernity to any bathroom or kitchen. The matte effect not only gives the dispenser an elegant appearance, but also emphasizes the minimalist design. The same outstanding functionality, precise dosing and long-lasting quality of the clear model are maintained. The choice of clear or matte black glass allows you to customize the dispenser to suit your personal taste and décor. This makes everyday use a stylish experience.

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Why should I choose a glass dispenser?

Glass soap dispensers are environmentally friendly, durable and easy to recycle. They also offer a sleek and modern aesthetic in the bathroom or kitchen.

Does the soap dispenser fit on the shower shelf SHEA or the dish towel holder NIA?

With a diameter of 7 cm and a height of 22 cm, the soap dispenser has the ideal dimensions to be used in combination with our shower shelf SHEA (depth: 8 cm) or our dish towel holder NIA (depth: 7,5 cm).

How do I clean a soap dispenser made of glass?

The glass soap dispensers can be easily cleaned with mild soapy water. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or sponges to prevent scratches. Also, be sure to clean the inside regularly to prevent mold growth.

What is the capacity of the glass soap dispenser?

Our glass pump soap dispensers have a standard capacity of 500ml.

How do I know when my glass soap dispenser needs to be refilled?

The transparent version made of clear glass makes it easy to read the fill level visually.

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