Decoration Guide: Decorate Coffee Tables in a versatile and stylish way



Decorating brings a home to life. Through decoration - on coffee tables, in the kitchen or even in the garden - we express our personality. It gives us the opportunity to display our taste in our own home. Besides, there are so many possibilities and the choice of tasteful decorations is huge. The coffee table is a popular place to arrange them. In this article you will learn all about different ways of coffee table decoration, tips and tricks, and the latest trends in the world of decoration.


Tips and Tricks - you should pay attention to this when decorating your Coffee Table

Before we start with explicit examples and decorating ideas, we give some advice on what to look out for when decorating a coffee table:



  1. "Unattractive things", such as the remote control, the TV magazine or other not so decorative objects can be stowed away in beautiful boxes. This always creates a tidy look.
  2. Arrangements of objects, such as an odd number of candles, appear visually more harmonious on coffee tables. So choose an odd number, like three, five, or seven.
  3. If there are several decorative items, use a tray or other surface as a coaster to create a unified look and avoid a chaotic look. But sometimes less is more. Be careful not to put too much decoration on your coffee table; it is still a functional surface that provides space for everyday items like coffee cups or glasses.
  4. It is best to concentrate on no more than two tones when decorating. The decoration looks coordinated and still sets accents


Simple and quick ways to decorate your Coffee Table

If you want to redecorate the coffee table quickly and easily, you have several options. For one, plants or fresh flowers are always a great way to bring a fresh look to your decor. Metal coasters are also elegant. Combined with a glass decanter and nice glasses, the arrangement looks very harmonious. Small bowls of snacks can also be inviting and still very decorative.

All-rounder for your Coffee Table - this Decoration always works!

Candles, coffee table books, vases, and bowls are the decorative essentials for any coffee table. They set the table in just a few simple steps. Stacked coffee table books or a unique vase filled with your favorite flowers add a touch of elegance. Candles create a cozy atmosphere, especially on decorative surfaces like trays. An evergreen for coffee table decor is natural materials such as wood, metal and glass. In combination with home accessories, such as beautiful decorative pillows or a pouf next to or under the coffee table, the decoration can be complemented with color. Playing with heights is also a good idea.

How to properly decorate your Coffee Table

Just as you can place items under the coffee table, you can also experiment with different heights above it. Candles or vases of different heights are ideal, and the different heights create different dimensions. It is best to have one large coffee table or several smaller ones. With one large table, symmetrical decorations such as a tray or coffee table books are a good choice. Especially if you have several side tables of different sizes, you have even more room to decorate. You can arrange them however you like and have even more storage space. The basic tones of your living room furniture should be reflected in the coffee table decoration. That way, you can be sure that the decor will blend in. But you can also use your coffee table decor to add splashes of color to your interior.

DIY Decoration for every Season

To add variety to your table decorations, you can opt for a seasonal centerpiece. Many of these can be easily made at home. Of course, fresh flowers and twigs are always recommended for spring and summer, perhaps even in a colorful vase or, for those who like it simpler, on a metal table with a clear vase. Fruit bowls filled with seasonal fruit are also wonderful summer decorations. The main thing is to use summer colors that harmonize with the rest of your decor. Pastels such as pink or green are especially great. Scented candles are also allowed, but please not with too heavy a scent, but with light, fresh and powdery scents suitable for the bright season. The fall decoration on your table could be a specially carved pumpkin, for example. If this is a bit too much work for you, you can use dried flowers such as pampas grass. Because of their simple beige color, they blend with many other colors and do not even need to be watered. Even in winter, dried flowers are a hit. Dare to combine them with Christmas table decorations. Combine pine branches, pine cones and twigs, and artificial berries in holiday colors. Small gift boxes integrated into the table decorations will also get you in the holiday spirit.

Coffee Table Trend Decoration 2022: Colors, Materials and Shapes

Side tables and coffee tables made of metal with rough surfaces are particularly popular this year. They complement the furniture in a minimalist way, but can be transformed into the absolute eye-catcher of the room with table decorations. Vases and sculptures in organic shapes, for example, immediately draw the eye to the coffee table. In terms of color, muted tones such as beige and cream are very popular this year. They work well with decor in concrete tones. Mix materials by choosing a contrast between glossy and matte, for example. Be sure to incorporate no more than two color families to keep the decor cohesive. Combining natural materials such as wood, pampas grass, feathers and linen with metallic accessories also works perfectly. You can also use color contrasts. For example, we recommend the noble combination of black and white or the softer combination of gray and pastel shades such as pink.

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