Minimalism with family - that's how it works

Minimalism has become a popular lifestyle in recent years. In doing so, more value is placed on the immaterial things than on the material ones. Minimalism with family doesn't seem to fit into the concept at first because of the many toys the children have. In the following you will find out how minimalism can work with a family.

Minimalism with family: Less things, more time

Minimalism stands for

  • Reduction to the essentials and simplicity
  • cosiness
  • Live in the moment
  • Appreciate what you have
  • to do something good for yourself

If you concentrate on the essentials and only have what you really need, whether it's your own clothes, home furnishings, accessories or the children's toys, you'll get a lot in return:

  • If you own fewer things, you have to tidy up less and clean less.
  • If everything has a place, you don't have to look far.
  • Since shopping trips and tidying up are no longer necessary, there is more time and more money.

Things are bought more consciously so that people enjoy them more.

Minimalism for kids

Many children have countless toys, cuddly toys and painting and handicraft utensils. So how does minimalism and your child's happiness go together?

The most important point for successful minimalism with a family is to talk about it with the children. Explain to your children why you as a family choose to live minimalist. Also, take the children’s habits into account when implementing them. Perhaps there are things that you can easily spare that are important to your children. Explain to your kids what minimalism means, set firm but fair boundaries, and be consistent even if you find it difficult at first. Don't punish your kids if minimalism doesn't work for them right away, instead reward them for positive things.

Your children will learn this from minimalism with family

If you implement the above, your children can learn a lot from living in minimalism with a family. your children

  • learn to avoid excess
  • learn that they are responsible for their own lives
  • learn to manage money
  • learn to buy only what you really need

learn that there are limits


This is how minimalism finds its way into your family

  • Determine how your life should look like in minimalism with family

Before you decide to live a minimalist life as a family, you should first deal with a few things. Think about what goals minimalism with family should have for you and why you want to live like this. Think about what you still want to spend money on in the future and what the purchase should bring you.

  • declutter
    In order to implement a minimalist lifestyle, most households must be radically cleaned out. Ask yourself the question "What do I really need and what makes me happy?" This refers to your clothes and also to the equipment in the kitchen, the decorative items in the living room and your furniture.

Make a list of things that can be cleared out and why you haven't cleared them out yet, such as they were gifts or have special memories attached to them.

You don't have to sort everything out at once. Pick a room, a closet, or even just a drawer each week. Set small goals.

Clearing out does not mean that everything goes into the dustbin. You can sell or donate a lot online.

Get your kids involved. So they know where their toys are going and why they're suddenly gone.

  • Clear out more than your own four walls
    Decluttering doesn't just apply to items, but also to hobbies and friends. Think about what hobbies and hanging out with friends you enjoy and whether they add value. What can you cut out to have more family time?
  • time for you
    Minimalism with family also means that you take time for yourself. Do something good for you for at least an hour every day. This is important for your own health and gives you more energy for the family. Reward yourself and don't let the minimalist thought stress you out. Have fun and enjoy the benefits of your new life.



The right furniture for minimalism with family

Of course, the minimalist lifestyle should be reflected in the home decor and furniture. Quality comes before quantity here: Those who opt for a minimalist lifestyle rely on a few pieces of furniture and accessories that are of higher quality. You can find such simple furniture made of black metal at Metallbude . This industrial furniture goes perfectly with minimalist home furnishings: the industrial style is inspired by former factories and warehouses and is characterized by reduced furnishings. Exposed brick walls, concrete, metal and wood and a few pieces of furniture that are skilfully staged and you have an industrial-style living room . At Metallbude you will also find suitable furniture for an industrial-style bedroom , and with a coat rack made of black metal and a matching shoe bench you can transform your entrance area into an industrial-style hallway .

With openness and a little planning, minimalism can be implemented with families. You can find the right furniture at Metallbude.