We produce sustainable Metal Furniture

Tomorrow's design is not mass production that harms the environment. Our understanding of sustainability is therefore based on our design philosophy and the principle of longevity. By producing only furniture of lasting material and aesthetic quality, we ensure long-term satisfaction of needs in line with conscious consumption. Consuming fewer, high-quality, durable products saves resources in the long run and counteracts the trend toward a fast-paced, throwaway society.




Why is Metal Furniture sustainable?

Metal furniture is sustainable for several reasons and is therefore the right choice for indoor or outdoor furnishings:


  • Longevity: Metal furniture is very robust and durable. They last a long time and are less prone to wear and damage compared to furniture made from other materials.
  • Recyclability: Metal is a 100% recyclable material. At the end of its life, it can be melted down and reused without losing quality. This reduces the need for new raw materials and reduces environmental impact.
  • Lower Resource Consumption: The production of metal furniture generally requires fewer resources than the production of wooden furniture. The process of melting and shaping metal can be more efficient.
  • Low Emissions: The production of metal furniture can result in lower emissions of harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases compared to other materials.
  • Versatility: Metal furniture is versatile and can be used in different environments and styles, promoting its longevity.



Our Production: What do we pay attention to in our Furniture Production?

Manufacturing is the heart of our business. What belongs together comes together in our production. We work with high quality materials and qualified specialists to produce our designer pieces. Quality always comes first. Our production is characterized by the fact that traditional metal craftsmanship is always in the foreground. The production of our metal furniture is not machine-heavy, but largely in a classic manufacturing way. We buy our metal and wood from local companies. The characteristic powder coating has the advantage over traditional painting that it is not only more environmentally friendly and visually appealing, but also meets an essential criterion for longevity with its shock, scratch and impact resistant properties.


Shipping and Logistics: Sustainability in Shipping

Packaging is another area where we can contribute to sustainability. Not only are our production materials ordered in certified quality and waste-optimized quantities, but so are our packaging materials. Our products are shipped in FSC®-certified boxes that contain only the amount of filler or protective material necessary for safe shipping and undamaged condition. Some of the plastic used is recyclable. Another unique feature of our packaging is that the boxes are custom-made to fit each product, resulting in less wasteful packaging and shipping.




Where can you find sustainable Furniture?

At Metallbude, we design and manufacture products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. A timeless look paired with a clear function is the guiding principle that runs like a thread through our way of thinking and our processes - from the design to the end product. For us, this means first and foremost ensuring quality: We work with robust materials, high-quality welds and easy-care coatings. We work with metal and wood as proven, timeless materials. Not only are they extremely stable, but they also give our furniture the reduced industrial look that has been present throughout decades of design history. Combined with a clear design language, neutral non-colors and an open structure, we create designer pieces that are versatile, customizable and can be used at will. In short: furniture that lasts.