Fundraising Campaign for the  Animal Shelter in Detmold



Awareness of an important Issue

The German Animal Welfare Association has been sounding the alarm for a long time: animal shelters are overcrowded in many places. The intake of dogs, cats, etc. is constantly increasing, while the demand is decreasing. Fewer and fewer animals can be fostered or adopted forever. This year, we wanted to dedicate February 20, the national "Love Your Pet Day," to these animals who are not lucky enough to live in a loving home. And we wanted to dedicate it to the people who, through their charitable work, help give animals a beautiful and healthy temporary home every day: shelter volunteers.




Successful Donation Result

On February 20th, the so-called “Love Your Pet Day”, and the following February 21st, our campaign ran in favor of the Detmold animal shelter . 25 dogs, 55 cats and 12 rabbits. So many animals currently live there, where they are cared for and cared for on a daily basis. In cooperation with content creator and animal lover Eileen von Berckefeldt, the motto during this time was “Shopping. Save. Donate. -10% for you. 5€ for animal protection.” This means: For every order received, we as a metal booth donated 5 euros to the animal shelter. Our customers also had the opportunity to donate an additional amount of their own. The result? A total of 1,620 euros!




Meaningful Investment planned

“We will use the donation money to purchase a large dog live trap,” says Jessica Dey from the Detmold animal shelter . "Cases of shy dogs escaping are increasing and we want to be equipped to support search parties and be able to capture the animals effectively and safely." The non-profit and voluntary association, which has supported the work of the animal shelter since 1957, finances itself and its activities All the work is done by yourself. Donations are therefore an important support. “We would like to thank the Metallbude team and all donors very much for making this sensible investment possible with the successful campaign.”