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For the four-legged friends, who in a figurative sense (?) were already born with a golden spoon in their mouth and are served everything on a silver platter, we have created our MIXI feeding station, which brings your dog's wet and dry food enjoyment to just this level: Luxury.

A feeding station with two bowls is included in delivery. The accessories shown are not included in the scope of delivery.

- modern design
- high quality
- animal friendly coating
Product details

Sheet steel, stainless steel (bowls)

Width: 47cm, depth: 25cm, height: 15cm


3 kg

Finely structured powder coating

The scope of delivery includes 1 feeding station with 2 bowls.

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Mixi: Futterstation in schwarz aus Metall | Metallbude

Minimalist dog bowl for your home

Modern, minimalist dog furniture is an elegant and appealing way to integrate pets into the modern home. For this reason we have also developed our feeding station MIXI from high-quality metal. In contrast to conventional feeding stations, which are often bulky and conspicuous, our feeding station is designed in such a simple and straightforward way that it blends harmoniously into the overall picture of a modern interior. In this way we create the possibility or alternative that traditional dog furniture overloads your living space or disturbs your personal furnishing style. Instead, adding our MIXI feeding station creates a harmonious balance between animal needs and an aesthetically pleasing interior. Reduced to the colors black and white and finished with a high-quality, finely structured powder coating, the feeding station not only fulfills its function for your four-legged friend, but also makes an aesthetic contribution to your stylish home.

Futterstaion Mixi mit herausnehmbaren Näpfen | Metallbude

Raised metal feeding station

Another special feature of our high-quality metal feeding station MIXI is the raised structure of the frame, which offers you and your four-legged friend a multitude of advantages. Firstly, the raised position of the feeding bowls ensures a healthier and more comfortable feeding position. Raising the bowls reduces stress on the dog's throat, neck and back, which is especially beneficial for older dogs or those with joint problems. The high-quality metal from which the feeding station is made is durable, sturdy and easy to clean. It is rust and scratch resistant, which means the feeder will retain its looks and functionality with regular use and cleaning. The elevated feeding station also helps keep the feeding environment clean. The elevated position minimizes spills and crumbs on the floor, making cleaning easier and reducing the build-up of bugs and bacteria. Our feeding station MIXI makes feeding for the dog more pleasant overall and at the same time represents a stylish and durable addition to your home.

How can we help?


Are the removable feeding bowls from the elevated feeding station dishwasher safe?

The finely structured powder coating with which the bowls of our luxurious feeding station are refined has a particularly robust character, but is not suitable for dishwasher use. We therefore expressly recommend that you only wash or clean the high-quality dog bowls by hand.

Is the raised metal feeder sensitive to water or sturdy?

The high-quality metal feeding station is designed and manufactured to meet the demands of everyday use by both dogs and humans. This also means that the material is not susceptible to damage from water or the like. is. The special coating primarily protects the underlying metal from rusting.

Does the minimalist metal feeding bowl have an animal-friendly coating?

Another advantage of the finely structured powder coating, with which our beautiful feeding station for your four-legged friend is refined, is not only the sustainable character of the process, but also the environmentally and animal-friendly properties of the material. The coating is therefore suitable for use by your dog without hesitation.

Is the black feeding station stable or can my dog move it quickly?

The elegant metal feeding station is very stable thanks to the combination of high-quality materials, stable construction and material weight, so that it cannot normally be easily moved by your dog. This eliminates the need for additional attachment to the wall or floor.

Which products can the modern feeding station for dogs be combined with?

A special feature of our metal furniture and home accessories made of metal is that they can be ideally combined with each other thanks to a uniform design language and color palette. Due to its modern, minimalist design, the feeding station MIXI also fits perfectly into your existing interior.

Customer reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great feed bar!

The feeding bar MIXI in black is an absolute visual highlight and fits perfectly into our house. Our dog also likes to eat from it. There is a star deduction because water stains immediately leave white edges on the material. Unfortunately, I can't clean after the dog all day ;-) perhaps a different coating could be used here

Elke R.

Since the long delivery time was known, I can only give 5 stars!