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Ceiling mounted clothes rail - modern and minimalist

Clothes rail for the ceiling

A practical yet aesthetically pleasing solution for storing clothes is a minimalist ceiling-mounted clothes rail. Our RUBI ceiling clothes rail makes optimal use of the space and creates additional storage space without blocking the floor or other pieces of furniture. The sturdy construction made of high quality powder-coated metal ensures long-term use, while the minimalist design creates a modern and tidy atmosphere. The flexibility of the assembly allows the ceiling mounted clothes rail to be attached in different positions and easily adjusted or dismantled if necessary. The clothes rail can be used to display items of clothing in a space-saving and stylish way, making it a functional and aesthetic highlight in any room.


Mount a high-quality clothes rail on the ceiling

With its ceiling mounting, the high-quality metal clothes rail RUBI offers an innovative solution for storing clothes that is space-saving, flexible and aesthetically appealing. It allows for efficient use of space while creating a modern and tidy look. Whether in small apartments, walk-in closets or narrow hallways - the ceiling mounted clothes rail is a practical and stylish option for your wardrobe. The construction of a ceiling mounted clothes rail is designed to ensure high stability and load-bearing capacity. Our minimalist clothes rail RUBI is manufactured with great precision and care and is made of a robust, powder-coated metal material that gives it robustness, stability, precision and effective protection against external influences. These properties ensure long-term, sustainable use without compromising quality or functionality.


Space-saving solution: clothes rail with ceiling mounting

Ceiling mounted clothes rails are particularly space-saving as they make optimal use of the space and, unlike conventional clothes rails that are often attached or placed on the wall, do not take up any additional space on the wall or floor. Thanks to the ceiling mounting, the minimalist metal clothes rail RUBI can be attached at different heights, depending on your needs and room design. This allows the available space to be optimally used, especially in rooms with limited area. For example, a ceiling clothes rail can be installed in niches, corners or even above doors. Due to the space-saving nature of ceiling mounting, hanging clothes rails with this mounting method create a tidy and organized look in the room. Due to its minimalist design and simple design language, the metal furniture fits seamlessly into numerous room and furnishing styles.

Advantages of a ceiling clothes rail

In addition to saving space, a ceiling-mounted clothes rail offers some special advantages and features compared to conventional clothes rails:

  • Flexibility: A ceiling clothes rail can be attached to the ceiling in different positions depending on your needs and room design. This allows for flexible adjustment of the height and position of the clothes rail to suit individual preferences and requirements. Attach clothes rail to ceiling
  • Aesthetics: Ceiling mounting the metal clothes rail creates a floating effect that is visually appealing and creates a modern and elegant atmosphere. The minimalist look of the ceiling mounted clothes rail fits seamlessly into different interior styles and adds a touch of sophistication to the room.
  • Open presentation: In contrast to closed cupboards, the hanging clothes rail allows clothing to be presented openly. This gives you a quick overview of your wardrobe and makes it easier to choose the outfits you want. In addition, garments can be better ventilated, which helps prevent odors and moisture.
  • Easy installation and adjustment: Ceiling installation is simple and straightforward. The clothes rail can be assembled and disassembled as needed to suit individual preferences and requirements. This allows for flexible use of the space and adaptation to changes in the living area.

Attach clothes rail to ceiling

A hanging clothes rail can be used not only in the hallway or entrance area for organizing and presenting your wardrobe: in the bathroom or guest toilet, clothes rails that are mounted on the ceiling can be used as a creative and space-saving alternative to towel rails. In the bedroom, a ceiling-mounted clothes rail complements the wardrobe or completely replaces it in combination with a chest of drawers as part of a minimalist interior. Installing a ceiling clothes rail is simple and straightforward: Determine the desired position of the clothes rail on the ceiling and mark it with a pencil. Carefully check the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling and choose suitable attachment points, such as ceiling beams or stable locations. Drill appropriate holes for the fasteners and ensure secure and stable anchoring. Attach the brackets or mounting brackets to the ceiling, ensuring a tight fit. Insert the clothes rail into the brackets and attach according to the instructions.