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Black metal clothes rails - minimalism and style from Metallbude

Clothes rails made of metal, black in industrial look or in classic white. The minimalist "closets" are already an integral part of many hip old apartments. They replace the classic, bulky closet and put the favorite clothes like decoration in the scene. In the assortment of Metallbude you can find straight, modern clothes rails in black made of robust metal - this is how you implement modern furniture design in your hallway or bedroom.

Clothes rails in black and other colors - these types of clothes rails are available

At Metallbude, we carry modern clothes rails made of black metal. These can be mounted on the ceiling and used as a coat rack or as a replacement or addition to the closet in the bedroom or entryway, always displaying the most important items of clothing within easy reach.

But clothes rails are far from being a new invention: they have been in use for centuries. Used they are - this goes without saying - to hang clothes. Either as a place to store them or to dry them after washing.

For some years now, however, they have once again been the focus of various home trends: in pictures of magazines featuring stylish bedroom furnishings, one discovers them stocked with clothes arranged by color and length. Sometimes the clothes rails appear in black, sometimes in white metal, often in contrast with dark parquet floors and with the favorite room plant next to it.

They displace large, bulky bedroom furniture and make way for open space concepts and minimalist designs. This hip bedroom furniture combines wood with metal, nature with industry. At Metalbude we offer clothes rails in black that fit both industrial style furnishings and modern minimalist decor - in the bedroom or in the hallway.

The clothes rail of black metal in the hallway - this is how you put it in the spotlight

Open clothes rails have advantages: As open pieces of furniture, they are space-saving. If you can't place a closet for your jackets and scarves in a narrow hallway, a black clothes rail is the perfect alternative in the entrance area.

Our clothes rails for the Hallway in industrial style are mounted not on the wall, but on the ceiling. Equipped with metal hangers and coat hooks made of black leather, jackets, hats, the handbag and the scarf will find enough space. Decoratively, the whole thing will look if you limit yourself to your favorite clothes. Those that you use every day and still love. Those that you would definitely take to the cleaners after an accident with red wine.

If the space for a clothes rail on the ceiling is too small, coat hooks on the wall can also set small but fine accents. Combined the metal wardrobes are best with industrial shoe racks. Here, too, the room concept of the factory design often shows with open furniture for selected favorite shoes.

Clothes rail of black design in the bedroom - the minimalist industrial design of Metallbude.

In the bedroom, the black clothes rail is staged differently than the

coat hooks on the wall in the hallway. Here you may hang more clothes on the clothes rail - preferably sorted by color and length. This way, the closet replacement (or addition) becomes a real eye-catcher.

If you need more storage space than the clothes rail can offer, no problem: Since Metallbude also has black metal clothes rails for ceiling mounting in its range, you can combine them with a chest of drawers below. This, like the clothes rail, can be in industrial style with metal elements or classically made of wood or in white. Many combinations are possible with clothes rails made of black metal - and that's exactly what makes this interior style so attractive.

Industrial style, minimalist, modern or eclectic - black clothes rails always fit

The simple design of the black clothes rails from our range allows for numerous different combination options. A modern interior with an industrial flair, a minimalist interior or sleek, modern furniture - our clothes rail cuts a fine figure in any setting. Old, classic or vintage wooden furniture also lend themselves as combination partners. Because it is precisely the play with different elements and materials that makes the charm and so you get a very individual mix.

Grandma's old chest of drawers in contrast with the modern, black metal furniture looks like an interesting accent from times gone by. Or the solid wood top of the dining table really comes into its own when combined with the black metal frame.

Buy black clothes rails at Metallbude

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