Which Houseplant suits which Room



When you're decorating your home, is there that one corner that's always empty and you don't know what to put there? Or maybe your room just doesn't feel comfortable or personal enough for you? Then try a beautiful large plant! Plants are not only beautiful to look at and bring a feel-good atmosphere to your home, they are also natural air purifiers. But it's not always easy to find the right plants for your decorating style and unique home. Here you will find tips and inspiration on how to transform your home into your own personal wellness environment with just a few plants.



The right Rnvironment for your Plant

Each plant needs different conditions, and in a home, each room offers different conditions. For example, tropical plants are ideal for the bathroom because they are already used to high humidity and even absorb it - such as the Yucca palm, the Ficus Benjamini or the Spider plant. Bow hemp is especially good for the bedroom, as it can absorb CO2 from the air and process it further. Ivy, Lucky Feather, and all types of ivy are also very easy to care for, do not need much sunlight, and are great for the usually darker bedroom in any home. There are also plants for the living room, such as the Monstera or the various Ficus varieties, which fit into almost any corner or, like the Dragon Tree or the Money Tree, on any shelf.



The Alpha and Omega: Know and create Lighting Conditions

When purchasing a new plant, you should pay special attention to the lighting conditions for the plant. A plant that needs a lot of light should not be placed in a dark corner and vice versa. Beautiful plants that don't need much light and can be placed in a fairly dark room include the cobbler's palm, aralia, and all types of ivy. The yucca palm, elephant's foot, and fiddle leaf fig, on the other hand, need plenty of sunlight.


Which Plants go with which Interior Design Style?

Plants and flowers suit every style and are part of every interior. However, there are some plants that go particularly well with different homes. If you like the modern, minimalist, industrial style, you should pay more attention to elegant and subtle plants. Strelitzia, dragon tree, money tree, Chinese fig and monstera are perfect for this style and complement the rather cool, purist atmosphere - they provide a natural counterpoint. It also makes a big difference what kind of pots you use: woven or linen pots go well with the cottage style, ceramic pots with the boho style, and metal planters with the industrial style.