Decorate your Home in the Bauhaus Style


Originating in Germany in the 1920s, the Bauhaus style is considered one of the most influential design movements of the 20th century. This avant-garde approach combines art, craftsmanship, and technology to create a minimalist and functional aesthetic. If you value modern and timeless design in your home, the Bauhaus style is an excellent choice. In this blog, we will give you tips and inspiration on how to implement this style in your own living space and how to choose furniture and decorative elements that best reflect the Bauhaus aesthetic.



The Revolution of Living: An Introduction to the Bauhaus Style

The Bauhaus style marked a revolutionary era in the world of design and living and made an iconic contribution to design history. Created in Germany in the 1920s, it radically broke with traditional conventions and set new standards for modern, functional and minimalist design. At the heart of the Bauhaus style was the fusion of art, craftsmanship and technology to shape the aesthetics of everyday life. With clean lines, geometric shapes and a preference for materials such as steel and glass, the Bauhaus embraced the idea that "form follows function". This approach influenced not only architecture, but also furniture and interior design. The Bauhaus style remains relevant today, inspiring designers and home enthusiasts around the world.


Colors and Contrasts: How to implement the Bauhaus Style in any Room

The Bauhaus style is known for its play of color and contrast and can be masterfully applied to any room in a home. The basic principles of this style include clean lines, geometric shapes and the use of color to emphasize functionality and aesthetics. In living rooms, for example, you can combine neutral white or gray walls with colorful accents such as red or yellow furniture and accessories to create a touch of Bauhaus chic. In the bedroom, you can create a calm yet contemporary atmosphere by using monochromatic color palettes and minimalist furniture. The kitchen can be transformed into a modern work of art by using smooth surfaces, stainless steel and colorful accents. Even in the bathroom, you can create a sense of elegance and functionality with contrasting tiles and clean lines.



Bauhaus Metal Furniture: Minimalism and Elegance in One

The essence of minimalist design and the elegance of the Bauhaus movement are embodied in metal furniture. Combining form and function in perfect harmony, these iconic pieces are timeless examples of innovative furniture design. With its clean lines and geometric shapes, metal furniture exudes contemporary sophistication. Their minimalist design makes them extremely versatile and suitable for a variety of interior styles. Whether it's chairs, tables, shelving or lighting, metal furniture is durable and functional. They are often modular or otherwise flexible, making them ideal for modern, space-saving living spaces.