What is Eclecticism?

Originating in philosophy, eclecticism embodies the combination of different philosophies, ways of thinking, and disciplines. The Roman politician, lawyer, and philosopher Cicero was the most famous eclectic.

Eclecticism has a long history in art and architecture. This includes works of art or buildings that incorporate different styles. An example is St. Ètienne du Mont, built in the 17th century with Gothic, Classical and Mannerist elements.



So what does Eclecticism have to do with your Interior Design?

As an interior design trend, eclecticism, like historical interpretation, reflects a mix of styles. As an interior design style, eclecticism can be seen, for example, in an old Persian rug, a modern gray sofa, a vintage-style end table or cabinet and a black metal console. All elements combined in one living room. It's all about contrasts, interesting mixes and the overall concept of the room.

The opulence of an eclectic room has a lot in common with maximalism - and is suitable for people who have little idea what to do with minimalist and modern decorating styles.

However, eclecticism is not for everyone. The wrong or too many details, an inappropriate mix of styles or too many colors and the living room looks kitschy or overloaded. That is why we will give you the best tips on how to implement eclecticism as an interior design style.


Eclecticism: What to consider when mixing different Styles and Designs


An eclectic living room isn't just thrown together-even if it looks that way. The different styles and elements are carefully placed. Otherwise, the mix of patterns and styles can look chaotic.

At the same time, an eclectic interior gives you a lot of freedom: Do you like antique furniture? Eclecticism allows you to combine it with modern elements. So get Grandma's old wooden secretary out of the basement and say yes to that retro dresser from the flea market.



You should ask yourself the following questions before redesigning your Living Space:

  • Which furnishing styles do I want to combine with each other?
  • Which colors do I want to use?
  • Which patterns do I like best?



And the most important question: How do you combine your personal mix of styles to create a harmonious overall picture?



You can:

  • Mixing elements of different cultures
  • Combine furniture from different eras
  • Set accents with special, unusual and selected items



These are our Tips for implementing the Eclectic Furnishing Style:


  1. Colors should harmonize. Somehow. Eclectic rooms can be very colorful, but the colors still harmonize. Choose a fixed color concept and stick to it. A few elements can break out of this color concept.
  2. Create a calm Base. Wall color and floor color should remain relatively neutral. White, gray or natural tones are suitable as a basis. You can spice up walls and floors with pictures, wall decorations and carpets - and not too few of them.
  3. Decide on three main Styles. Boho, industrial style, Japandi, hygge, vintage or baroque? Choose two to three interior design styles and combine them. The cozy hygge interior with industrial-style metal furniture ? Magnificent decoration in the baroque style with modern, straight-lined furniture? In eclecticism, opposites are not only permitted, they are desired.
  4. Opt for recurring Patterns or Accent Colors. For example, the checkered pattern of the carpet can be repeated as a picture on the wall. Or on the patterned bedspread. The color of the sofa is reflected on the wall. In this way you create points of contrast, but still visually connect the mix of styles. This thoughtful selection distinguishes eclecticism from a haphazard mix of styles.
  5. Say Goodbye to unnecessary Things. At least objects that do not serve aesthetic purposes should disappear from view. Instead, a colorful variety of decorative items come to the surface.
  6. Make the Center of the Room unusual. For example, with an unusual piece of furniture that stands out visually from the other furniture and the rest of the interior. Choose this focal point carefully - because you will design all other elements around this accent point.
  7. A Gallery Wall for the brave. “More is More” is your motto? Then you can really go wild with a gallery wall in your eclectic room. Choose special pictures with special picture frames and break up the gallery with elements such as a metal mirror, a climbing plant or a small wall shelf.



Combine Metal Furniture with different Styles - here's how

Eclecticism can be combined with metal and industrial style furniture. It can be combined with cozy decorating styles such as Japandi and Hygge, as well as with retro, vintage or classic elements.

For example, combine metal chairs with a country style wooden table or place a metal coffee table in a cozy environment with fluffy and soft textiles. On the other hand, you can decorate a metal shelf with a baroque-style candlestick or an ornate gold picture frame.

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