Minimalistische Muschelkerze - Metallbude

Minimalist shell candle

Bring back memories of your vacation with a DIY project: the shell candle. The shell candle not only creates a cozy atmosphere, but is also a personal work of art and at the same time a creative and relaxing DIY that keeps your holiday experiences alive in everyday life.
Sabrina Klause
Ästhetischer Kerzenständer - Metallbude

Aesthetic candlestick

What looks like an elaborate designer piece turns out to be a simple DIY with modeling clay and a few simple steps. The special thing about this candle holder: the aesthetically curved shape.

Sabrina Klause
Kerzenhalter “Knot” - Metallbude

Candle holder “Knot”

Little effort, big effect: With this knot candle holder you bring minimalist playfulness into your interior. This does not require a lot of material or time. So, what are you waiting for?

Sabrina Klause