A round living room table as an example of the trend towards organic shapes

Sitting comfortably on the sofa with family or friends in the evening, watching a film or enjoying a glass of wine? Then a round living room table should not be missing. This is not only modern, light and comfortable and offers space and storage space for glasses, snacks or a good book, but also fully corresponds to the current trend towards organic shapes.

Round living room table provides movement and contrasts

A round living room table brings variety and movement into the living room and is a great contrast to the angular couch. A round coffee table increases communication with its round shape and fits perfectly in a modern living room . Since there are no corners and edges, the risk of injury (especially for small children) is lower because you cannot bump into corners or get caught on them. A round coffee table with a wooden top creates a soft atmosphere in the room and with its organic shape, such a table is very trendy.

You should pay attention to this when buying a round living room table

You should pay attention to the following things so that your round living room table fits in with your furnishings and especially with your sofa and comes into its own:

  • If you have a large sofa, you should choose a large living room table. A small table not only looks small and lost in front of a large sofa landscape, it is also impractical: if it is in the middle, it is out of reach for those sitting at the ends and they cannot use it as storage space.
  • Instead of one large table, you can place two round living room tables next to each other.
  • Do not place your round coffee table in the middle of a square sofa, but rather slightly offset. This is how you loosen up the atmosphere in the living room.
  • If you don't have much space in front of the sofa, choose two of the same tables at different heights or nesting tables. This way you can make the lower table disappear under the higher table. As soon as you need more storage space, you can conjure it up and place it next to the other table.

Tips for maintaining your round table

Depending on the material, your round coffee table needs a certain amount of care so that you can use it for a long time.

  • You simply wipe a round wooden table with a damp cotton cloth and care for the material every few years with a furniture care product.
  • For round coffee tables made of metal, glass or plastic, use a damp microfiber cloth. For larger stains, you can use a mild detergent and then wipe dry. You should avoid using chemical cleaners as they attack the surface of your table.

Metallbude: Everything for an industrial-style living room

Metallbude has everything you need for an industrial-style living room: in addition to round tables made of metal and metal and wood, you will find side tables or nesting tables at Metallbude that provide additional storage space.

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