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Custom-made furniture with furniture planner

With a furniture planner you can easily plan furniture online from home. Simply select the appropriate piece of furniture and the shelf, cupboard and sideboard are configured according to your own wishes and individual furniture is planned. With a furniture configurator you become the designer of your own home furnishings.

With the furniture planner to furniture that meets your own wishes

Many furniture stores offer ready-made furniture that doesn't fit into your own apartment because of its dimensions, doesn't look good or doesn't match the furnishing style. Maybe the chest of drawers fits, but instead of four doors, two drawers in the upper area would be quite practical. Or you definitely like the coffee table, but it would look even better in a different color. In these cases, a furniture planner offers many advantages. Because you don't have to choose the prefabricated furniture, you can plan and design your furniture individually.

Your made-to-measure piece of furniture thanks to furniture planners from Metallbude

If you configure your furniture with the furniture planner or the shelf planner, you can specify special measurements and an individual size. So the piece of furniture fits exactly where it should be. It's not too big, but not too small either, so no space is wasted. With a configurator you can create suitable pieces of furniture for particularly small niches or plan for sloping ceilings.

With the furniture planner to more functionality

With a furniture planner you can determine the structure of the piece of furniture. Do you want a chest of drawers with doors or drawers or both, or should your wardrobe have sliding doors or normal folding doors? Do you want to open drawers and doors with a handle, knob or handleless push-to-open technology? You can set all of this yourself during configuration. At the same time, you determine the interior of your piece of furniture. For a wardrobe, for example, you can specify how many compartments you need. You can plan clothes rails for dresses, jackets and jackets, drawers for socks and small laundry and an extra pull-out for trousers.

Thanks to furniture planners: optics to suit your taste

In addition to size and functionality, you can use the furniture planner to determine the look of your piece of furniture. Would you like a chest of drawers, a shelf or a cupboard made of wood or in white? Would you like a metal shelf in black or do you prefer a metal shelf in white ? With a furniture planner you can design the piece of furniture according to your wishes.

Create a unique piece of furniture with furniture planner

The individual planning of the piece of furniture gives you a tailor-made and personal product that will not be found in any other household.

Individual furniture with the furniture planner from Metallbude

With the furniture planner from Metallbude, you can get creative and design coffee tables, sideboards, etc. individually according to your wishes and needs. You define the colors in the Global area: Which color should the body have on the inside, which on the outside? You can also choose the color of the front here. In the Element area, you determine how many compartments your shelf or sideboard should consist of. You also determine various elements such as the front type. With a chest of drawers you can decide whether doors, drawers or flaps should be installed or whether you prefer an open compartment. With augmented reality, you then place the created piece of furniture directly in your four walls: scan the created QR code with your mobile phone and the room in which you are and the piece of furniture are brought together and you can see whether it is in your apartment fits. If you are satisfied, all you have to do is add the piece of furniture to your shopping cart and order it.

Minimalist furniture from Metallbude

At Metallbude you will find furniture in a minimalist, modern design. Whether individual furniture or furniture sets, all products are processed to a high standard and are handmade and produced in Germany and Europe. In addition

  • you can specify individual dimensions depending on the product.
  • you can choose the color white for certain products.

Here you can configure your furniture online.