Modern Bathroom

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Modern bathroom: More than just a bathroom

The days of a boring, sterile bathroom are over. Today we want a modern bathroom in which we not only get ready but also enjoy spending time. A place where you can relax, find peace and escape from everyday life.

What characterizes a modern bathroom?

A modern bathroom impresses with large-format tiles that give the bathroom a luxurious look. Marble tiles, parquet floors and patterned wallpaper are also very trendy. Add a towel ladder and other furniture made of metal or wood, colored fittings and bath items in black or white and a round mirror and the bathroom looks anything but boring and old-fashioned. Absolute eye-catchers are a free-standing bathtub and a shower area with rain shower. The latter not only ensures a special showering experience, but also gives the bathroom a touch of jungle feeling. Add a few green plants or a matching photo wallpaper and you're miles away from everyday life.

Modern bathroom with a natural look

A modern bathroom looks particularly cozy when it is furnished with natural materials. Wooden floors and wooden vanities and wall cabinets add warmth to the modern bathroom and make it a place you won't want to leave in a hurry. Stone tiles, a floor made of natural stone or a combination with stone or concrete elements also go well with a bathroom with a natural look. Soft and muted colors such as gray, granite, anthracite and beige tones underline the naturalness of the modern bathroom, as do photo wallpapers with mountain or desert landscapes or the green thickets of a jungle. Green plants, a bouquet of flowers, rugs and other textiles in earth tones made from linen or cotton contribute to a cozy and natural atmosphere. Natural materials such as wood and ceramic can be combined well with chrome. A combination of stone and glass creates a great mix of materials.

Modern bathroom: comfortable and functional

For many, a modern bathroom represents comfort, functionality and eye-catching design. A deliberately placed design gives the bathroom a high-quality and elegant character. Therefore, what counts is: Less is more. Reduced shapes, clear lines and minimalist furnishings ensure modern simplicity. Bathroom utensils should be stored in lockable cupboards. This means that the straight lines of the modern bathroom are maintained, the bathroom appears tidy and nothing is distracting. Absolute eye-catchers are a free-standing bathtub or free-standing wash basins, an eye-catching shower area, a washbasin fitting that works at the touch of a button or an unusual radiator for the towels. A mix of materials is also possible here and contrasts such as light and dark or aBathroom in black and whiteensure a glamorous look. You can create architectural highlights with structured tiled walls or surfaces in contrasting colors. A hall of mirrors is a special eye-catcher and if you like to try something new and particularly unusual, put up a sculpture or decorate the wall with a painting.

Modern bathroom as a wellness paradise

If you have the opportunity to completely re-plan a new building or major renovation, you can design a large, spacious bathroom or an open bathroom that merges with the sleeping area.

A free-standing bathtub in the middle of the room or on a pedestal is an absolute eye-catcher. As well as a floor-level shower with several shower heads that provide a wonderful massage, sinks with designer fittings or fittings that grow up from the floor.

A real wellness paradise is created when there is space in the bathroom for a couch, armchair or similar and this is set up as a relaxation zone. The bathroom becomes a second living room.

Modern bathroom with furniture from Metallbude

AtMetal shackyou will find numerous pieces of furniture and accessories for a modern bathroom. A wall mirror with a practical shelf,white towel racksor aToilet paper holder in blackensure a modern bathroom. Individual wall hooks, modern S-hooks with leather loops or a shower shelf create order and everything has its place.

Metal booth: minimalist furniture in industrial style

In addition to the right furniture for your modern bathroom, at Metallbude you will find other pieces of furniture and accessories that are perfect for an industrial design interior, but also forJapandiFit and positioned correctly are real eye-catchers. How about a ceiling-mounted coat rack, a modern console or a black metal coffee table?

The products are processed carefully and to a high quality and individual dimensions or a different color are no problem, as we design all the furniture ourselves and the production is completely in our hands. The products are manufactured in Germany and Europe.

Order the right furniture for your modern bathroom now.