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A console table in white as a stylish eye-catcher for every living room

Depending on where it is placed, a white console table can be a restrained piece of furniture or a real eye-catcher. The classic console table is long and narrow with long legs and can contain both shelves and drawers. However, console tables appear particularly minimalist if they do not contain any drawers or shelves. They can be made of wood, metal, glass and other materials. The console table is flexible in its placement, it can be sensibly placed in almost all rooms of the apartment and combined with other pieces of furniture. You can now find out why you should choose a white console table from Metallbude , where and how to set the scene correctly and in which furnishing styles it can best be integrated.

Why a white console table?

There are many reasons for white console tables in your home. In addition to decoration, useful objects that are used in everyday life, such as keys or calendars, can also be placed here. Console tables keep things tidy by providing a place for items that don't otherwise have a permanent place in the home. With drawers or shelves, they can become real space miracles - and still appear airy and minimalist thanks to their slim design.

White consoles are incredibly flexible when it comes to pairing with different colors and decor styles in different rooms. The color white is simple, elegant and convinces with its purity. In addition, white furniture is suitable for smaller rooms because it does not absorb light, gives a more airy impression and thus optically enlarges the room. Due to their narrow shape, console tables do not take up too much space in the interior and at the same time serve as a decorative all-rounder, because whether vases or picture frames, almost every type of decoration finds its place on white console tables.

Where you best showcase white console tables

No matter what room it's in, your white console table should have enough space to make an impact. Otherwise, all you have to do is decide in which room you want your white console table to be placed. The three most popular are:

  • The living room: Life takes place in the living room. That's why a console table can be used as a storage area for family photos, decorative objects or memorabilia. The console table can also stylishly evaluate the living room as a minibar. Attention: Make sure that the console table does not look too overloaded. Decide on one or a maximum of two possible options.
  • The hallway: In the hallway, the white console table can serve as a place to put keys or other things that need to be close at hand when leaving the house. A vase with fresh flowers is also pretty and inviting. This makes guests feel comfortable as soon as they come in. Especially in small hallways, the color white is ideal for your console table and has a space-enlarging effect.
  • The bedroom: A white console table is ideal for storing jewelry (boxes) or a stylish mirror and can even replace a make-up table. A console table with a chair is also ideal for jotting down little things or writing in a diary.

Incorporate white console tables into different styles

A white console table is compatible with many styles. Here are a few styles and suggestions on how best to fit your console table into your style:

  • Scandi style: A white console table fits perfectly into the Scandi style. White wood in combination with baskets for storing items such as blankets, pillows or books fit perfectly into the Scandinavian interior style and create warmth and coziness.
  • Industrial style: Have you set up your living room in an industrial style ? A black console table may also fit in here very well. Take a look around the Metallbude range and discover other highlights for other rooms, such as a bedroom or an industrial-style hallway .
  • Japandi style: For everyone who lives minimalist , the Japandi style is just right. The mix of Japanese and Scandinavian influences provides the perfect setting for a white metal console table. The calm design of the RIA model from Metallbude, for example, blends in with the Japandi style in a simple yet elegant way. Refined with an extravagantly shaped glass vase or a linear sculpture, the console table is perfectly staged.

Buy white console tables at Metallbude

A white console table is a real furnishing all-rounder and offers many advantages. It rounds off the furnishings and creates additional storage space. They are easy to care for and fit into any room. Buy your white console table from Metallbude and get more benefits:

  • Modern and minimalist furniture that flexibly fits into different interior styles,
  • From an order value of 150 €: Free shipping within Germany,
  • Handmade production of most items in Germany,
  • Depending on the product, individual dimensions or colors can be specified. (Feel free to contact us)

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