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Coffee table in white - modern eye-catcher for your living room

The coffee table in white is a classic that keeps reinventing itself and can be found in a wide variety of shapes in many living rooms. The absolute favorite among the coffee tables contributes to the comfort on the couch every day. Whether decoration, glasses or magazines and books, without a coffee table the living room looks empty. Here you can find out why a white coffee table is a must-have for you, how to integrate it into different furnishing styles and what you should pay attention to when buying a white coffee table.

Why a white coffee table?

Life happens in the living room. The couch is usually the focal point. But what would a couch be without a coffee table? In addition to being able to put down food, drinks or the remote control, a coffee table is also a storage space for decorative elements. They are also used for playing, painting or even putting your feet down from time to time. A white coffee table brings a tidy and clean atmosphere. It loosens up the living room and contributes to the cosiness. Whether solid, robust, minimalist or elegant, white coffee tables can change the appearance of the living room. In combination with the natural raw material wood, a white coffee table can conjure up even more warmth and comfort. Especially white metal coffee tables convince with many attributes: They are:

  • robust and can withstand a lot
  • easy to clean
  • are useful and
  • impress with their minimalist and modern style.

Which furnishing styles do white coffee tables go particularly well with?

A white coffee table brightens up the room while being sober that it blends in well with the rest of the decor. White coffee tables are the chameleons of the interior. The design can be adapted to your interior style. White metal coffee tables are particularly ideal in bright rooms with minimalist furnishings. They can be perfectly combined with upholstered seating groups, pastel carpets or light parquet floors.

But contrasts also make a white coffee table shine. Dark floors or seating areas, for example, emphasize the white coffee table. A coffee table made of wood and metal brings more naturalness into your living room. This fits perfectly into furnishing styles such as the Japandi style , Scandi style or the country house style. But I also like to combine darker furniture with a white metal coffee table. How about a black metal wall shelf?

Tip: When playing with multiple colors, be careful to limit the materials.

You should pay attention to this when buying white metal coffee tables

You should pay attention to this when you decide on a white metal coffee table:

  • Shape : There is a wide range to choose from, round or square is up to you. However, if younger children live in the house, round variants are less prone to mishaps and especially accidents. Avoid dangerous edges and corners.
  • Care : Care is easy because it can usually be cleaned with a damp cloth or mild detergent. Make sure it's sealed well and avoid cutting directly on the table.
  • Width and height : When buying, pay attention to the available space, what should be placed on the table and the number of people in the household. Wide and low tables offer plenty of space and all family members can easily reach the table. Tip : Working at a coffee table? Then opt for a higher model with wheels. This is more back-friendly and so you can push it to the side and use the space in front of the couch.

Buy white coffee tables at Metallbude

A white metal coffee table from Metallbude allows you to play with colors and materials in a variety of ways. Whether in combination with wood or purely made of metal, the coffee tables from Metallbude stylishly complement your living room. If you are not yet sure about the color white, take a look at the black metal coffee tables . Order your coffee table from Metallbude and get the following benefits:

✔️In addition to pure metal furniture, you will also find combinations of metal and solid wood in our range.

✔️Our furniture has a modern and minimalist design.

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✔️Depending on the product, you can also specify individual dimensions or choose colors. Please contact us about this.                                                     

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