Designing the Entrance Area – 3 different Concepts

Why is the Furnishing in the entrance area so important?

Is the design of the entrance area completely overrated? Here is our take on why it is not. Of course, a hallway is not necessarily a room you spend a lot of time in. But it can play an important role. It is where family and friends are welcomed, and it is the first place in the apartment or house that we see when we come home. That is why it should look nice, tidy and inviting. First impressions count.

It should also meet a number of practical requirements. It needs to provide enough storage space for shoes, bags, jackets and coats. Keys and wallets also need a permanent place so you don't forget anything when you go out.

What Furnishing Options are there for the Hallway?

Basically, there are different furniture, colors and decorative elements in the hallway, just like in other rooms. Unfortunately, these decorating options are often neglected, resulting in an uninviting and untidy entryway. With the following basic furnishings, you will know exactly how to create the perfect hallway.

  1. Hallway Furniture: Especially in the cold season, you need space in the hallway for jackets and coats. If you have a large hallway, wardrobes are not a problem. Sliding doors save some space when opening the closet. For medium or small hallways, a ceiling-mounted closet or coat hooks will work, and neither takes up much space. But clothes rails are also a welcome alternative for large entryways. They make the hallway look less cluttered and tidy - as long as there isn't too much hanging on the floor or walls. The same goes for shoes. They can be stored in an enclosed shoe cabinet. Another option is a shoe rack or bench that doubles as a seat. This makes it easy to put on and take off shoes. A stool or armchair can also be added to the entrance area, if space permits. Make sure you have enough storage space to keep keys, wallets and other small items from flying around. This can be accomplished with a console table or a wall mirror with a built-in shelf.
  2. The Colors: There are no limits to the colors. The only thing that matters is your taste. If you prefer a more subtle scandinavian look, you can go for classic white or pastel colors. This gives the floorboard more width, which is ideal for a narrow hallway. It is also friendly and inviting. Another plus is the flexibility when it comes to choosing furniture, because you can combine a lot with these colors. Of course, you also have the option of using bold colors in the entrance area, because this is a room where you spend little time, so you can be more daring. Strong yellows, greens or blues, half-height painted walls, patterned wallpaper or high-contrast block stripes - anything goes. You can also make a statement with a bold color.
  3. The Decoration: Depending on the type of entryway you have, you have different decorating options. A long hallway is perfect for transforming into a photo gallery or library, if space permits. Plants on the floor or a bouquet of flowers on the dresser create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  4. The Lighting: The entrance area usually does not receive natural daylight, so lighting plays an important role. Bright spots provide enough light and do not take up space in the form of wall luminaires. Of course, the latter can also be installed if there is enough space. Spot lighting can create a great atmosphere.
Clothes rail RUBI - Black clothes rail mounted on the ceiling | metal booth
Shoe rack BOVI - shoe rack in black and made of metal with decoration | metal booth



Find your own Style with one of the 3 Furnishing Concepts for your Hallway

As different as each entrance area is, so are the needs and preferences of each individual. With our 3 furnishing concepts, you will find the right one for you.

  1. The unusual Entrance Area: The unusual hallway offers a lot of room to try things out. Anything is possible. You can work with bright colors, use extravagant patterned wallpaper, or stage special pieces of furniture. A dark, contrasting ceiling can also create a special effect.
  2. The classic Hallway: The classic hallway shines with just a few objects. This makes the room seem larger because it is not so crowded. Light and soft colors, such as white or pastels, create calm and do not overwhelm the eye. You can also combine different pieces of furniture. To make the room feel less empty, you can hang a few more pictures.
  3. The practical Hallway: When designing the hallway, the most important thing is function. Plenty of shelves and storage space are essential. A narrow closet is ideal for winter and fall jackets. Additional storage space should also be provided for handbags. A shoe rack is a must in a practical hallway. Not only can it be used to store shoes, but it can also be used as a seat for putting on and taking off shoes. Before you leave the house, you can take a last look in the mirror, which provides storage space for keys and wallet.


With this Furniture you are prepared for the 2022/2023 Trend

Are you well prepared and know exactly how you want your hallway to look? To fully embrace the 2022/2023 look, a ceiling mounted wardrobe is a must. It is a real eye-catcher and very space-efficient. It doesn't clutter your hallway and makes room for more. If you find the wardrobe too minimalistic, you can use a wood panel wardrobe. Wood is comfortable and inviting.

With a little furniture, the right wall paint or wallpaper, and a few decorative elements, you can add a touch of glamour to your often-neglected entryway. Fancy, classic or practical, there is something for every taste and every style.

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