Bedroom interior design ideas

The bedroom has a special meaning in your home, after all it is the most intimate room in your home. This makes it all the more important to design this room according to your ideas. With our bedroom ideas you can set up a room to feel good. Only when you feel good can you enjoy a restful sleep and wake up in the morning in a good mood and ready to perform. We'll show you the 5 best bedroom ideas and give you tips on how to implement them.

Bedroom idea: gray and anthracite | Metal shack

Modern bedroom inspirations

The days when the bedroom was only used for sleep and little emphasis was placed on modern facilities are long gone. Today the bedroom is a personal retreat that leaves a lot of room for individual design. Modern furniture with high functionality is being introduced. Colors and decoration are playing an increasingly important role.

So that you can still get some rest, the bedroom should never be overloaded, but should radiate harmony. To achieve this, you should limit yourself to a few materials, shapes and colors. You can set accents with selected individual pieces in a different color shade, a striking material or a special shape.

Bedroom idea: set up minimalistically | Metal shack

These are our 5 best bedroom ideas for 2022

Every year different trends take over the bedroom. We present to you our 5 favorite bedroom ideas for 2022:

  • Headboards for the bed
  • Textiles for even more comfort
  • Decorative items for an individual touch
  • Sustainability with natural materials
  • Japandi – minimalism in an Asian-Scandinavian guise

Metal furniture for the bedroom

Of course, the bed remains the centerpiece and the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Inspired by the popular box spring bed, headboards are trendy. Such a headboard not only gives the bed a majestic look, it also improves coziness and is suitable as a backrest when reading or watching TV in the evening. You can then place your evening reading on a bedside table; simple, black metal side tables are currently popular, for example.

Various designs and materials can be used for the headboard. If you like it luxurious, opt for a velvet-covered headboard. Velvet not only looks very elegant, it also feels wonderfully soft. Headboards made from natural materials such as wood or rattan are also trendy. Combined with a soft pillow, such a headboard is also suitable for leaning back comfortably.

Bedroom idea: optimal headboard from the bed | Metal shack

Minimalist bedroom ideas

Comfort and coziness play an outstanding role in the bedroom ideas 2022. With textiles such as pillows, blankets and bed linen you can create a real feel-good atmosphere in the bedroom. A bedspread in your favorite color is also extremely practical. Even if your bed isn't made properly, a bedspread will always make it look perfectly styled. When it comes to colors, whatever you like is allowed - from plain to patterned or in trendy colors such as rich green tones, warm earth tones, light beige tones or dark blue tones. Simple textiles made from natural materials that are spiced up with a few colorful accents are also very popular.

Our tip: Would you like to store your blankets and plaids in a space-saving but decorative way? Then try out a clothes rail for ceiling mounting and create a striking eye-catcher.


Decorative items for an individual touch in the bedroom

Decorations and accessories are the icing on the cake when designing your bedroom. The best bedroom ideas for 2022 include large pictures with minimalist motifs that are not hung on the wall, but rather stand on the floor. These look particularly good against walls with calm, muted nuances such as sage, sand or light gray. But fresh pine green, multi-faceted copper or caramel are also among the trend colors for the wall. Furthermore, floor lamps and fairy lights should not be missing in the bedroom in 2022. Indirect light sources and warm light in particular create the right feel-good atmosphere in the bedroom.

For natural liveliness and a good indoor climate, complement your furnishings with plants that have the largest possible leaves. These evaporate a particularly large amount of moisture and thus regulate the indoor climate.

Bedroom idea: green plants as decoration | Metal shack

Sustainability in the bedroom with natural materials

Natural materials from sustainable production will be trendy in 2022, because especially in the bedroom you come into close contact with many raw materials and pollutants or chemicals are an absolute no-go. Bedroom furniture made of wood is complemented by textiles made of linen or other natural materials. Stone, seagrass, glass, bamboo or leather also give the bedroom a naturally pleasant atmosphere.

Bedroom Idea: Japandi Stxle | Metal shack

Japandi – minimalism in an Asian-Scandinavian guise

The trend towards minimalist furnishings will continue in 2022. The Japandi living trend is a prime example of minimalism. This combines the reduced aesthetics of the Japanese living style with the natural touch of Scandinavian furnishing ideas. Clear lines, natural materials and selected decoration are typical for this furnishing style. Japandi is reduced to the essentials and still looks very comfortable.

The subtle use of the color black is also characteristic of the Japandi living style, for example in the form of selected furniture and accessories, such as a side table made of black metal or decorations in timeless black.


You can't do without these 3 must-haves for the bedroom

No matter whether the bedroom is large or small, with these 3 must-haves you can show your awareness of the bedroom ideas 2022 and enjoy lots of comfort at the same time:

  • A bed with a headboard or large pillows for greater comfort
  • Textiles or decorations made from natural materials for a cozy atmosphere
  • Large mural with black line art for elegant eye-catchers

Bedroom ideas from Metallbude

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Much of our furniture is reminiscent of the industrial style. Due to their simple looks, they can usually be easily integrated into different furnishing styles. Just give it a try. We are sure that you will like our handmade products as much as we do.

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