Modern Living Room - Set up with Style and Minimalism

Today's modern living rooms are one thing above all else: purist. They are clean and uncluttered, with clean, linear shapes, muted and unobtrusive colors, and functionality. The aim is to take up as little space as possible. But decoration and pattern also have their place in modern living rooms. In this article you will find out which design and furnishing ideas will make your living room look modern and which furniture you can get from Metallbude for your purist living room. Here are 6 tips to help you decorate your living room in a modern and minimalist way.

Muted Wall Colors - a must in modern Living Rooms

One of the most important points in the design of modern living rooms is the choice of color. Neutral and muted colors set the tone in modern living rooms. The most popular colors are:

  • White and Black
  • Shades of Gray and Anthracite
  • Cream and Sand Tones
  • Beige and Taupe

Depending on how the colors are used, the living room can be either cool and elegant or warm and cozy. Both atmospheres are very compatible for the design of the modern living room. Of course, splashes of color are allowed. However, they should be kept in muted or pastel shades. We recommend blue or purple. Also, less is more. Wild patterns do not belong in a modern living room, but large, graphic patterns can complement the modern look if placed correctly. Darker earth tones and classic white or black are definitely in.

Design Living Room in a modern way - Timeless Decoration and Straight-line Elements

What should not be missing in modern living rooms is decoration. In modern living rooms, however, the following applies: quality before quantity. Straight, reduced table or floor lamps and mirrors have a particularly high-quality effect. Black metal decoration sets strong accents without taking up too much space. Coffee table books or large graphic illustrated books also look particularly good on metal coffee tables. Indoor plants are also very welcome. The important thing is: Decide on a few objects, things that you like to surround yourself with and that have enough space to have an effect.


Can't decide what decoration best complements your modern living room? Here are a few more suggestions:

  • timeless and not too colorful pictures (frames), which are hung close together in a rectangular shape in a salon
  • linear vases, sculptures or plaids
  • Pillows, blankets and carpets in simple colors and simple shapes
  • personal items and memories (use sparingly and collect in one place)

Modern Living Rooms need the right Lighting

Lighting is crucial in every room of your home, it makes or breaks the atmosphere of the room. There are many ways to use lamps in modern living rooms. You can choose from abstract arc lamps, simple ceiling lights and light strips, and straight floor lamps. Of course, you don't have to choose just one type of lamp. Depending on the purpose, you can work with different lamps that do not differ too much in light color. For example, a functional lamp used for reading should be placed right next to the sofa. But other technological gadgets also belong in a modern living room. A built-in charging station or furniture with integrated lighting is both practical and stylish.


Suitable Materials for furnishing modern Living Rooms

When it comes to materials, choose carefully. Wood, stone, concrete or glass are ideal for modern living rooms. Combined with trendy furniture, these high quality materials look natural yet simple. These materials can be found in furniture such as shelves, coffee and side tables, cabinets and many other smaller pieces of furniture and decorations. Furniture made of real wood radiates the perfect warmth in combination with clean lines. Furniture made of concrete, stone or glass is also straight, but much cooler. Textiles in the form of rugs, cushions, etc. should also be used to match these materials. They provide the necessary comfort.


Custom-made furniture for your personalized and modern Living Room

In addition to the couch, which is probably the main piece of furniture in every living room, there are many other pieces of furniture that you should not ignore in a modern living room:

Coffee table or side table: No-frills side tables made of metal or in combination with wood blend harmoniously into modern living rooms.

Shelves and consoles made of metal: Black shelves or entire consoles made of metal provide sufficient storage space. You can decorate and store objects in them, thus supporting a cleared-out look.

Straight lamps: Lamps such as the LED free-standing lights give the room a clean atmosphere and do not push themselves into the foreground in terms of ambience.

Custom-made mirrors and clothes rails: Mirrors and clothes rails have now arrived in living rooms and look very classy in colors such as black or anthracite. Incidentally, at Metallbude you can have your clothes rail made to your personal dimensions.


Create Contrasts and mix Styles in modern Living Rooms

Furnishing a modern living room does not mean sticking to one style or color family. For example, it is quite possible and stylish to bring in some furniture from other styles or eras to emphasize the purist style of the living room. Furniture such as an old wing chair, a vintage secretary, or even a grand piano will add nostalgia to the modern room and make the mix of styles perfect.

Color contrasts also look very modern. For example, a black and white living room looks minimalist and elegant. A black and white interior is relatively easy to create and the possibilities are endless. Choose light-colored furniture and add black accents with decorations, smaller metal pieces or a wall effect.

Furniture and Decoration for your modern Living Room from Metallbude

Modern living rooms are characterized by the right style. They have many faces and can be designed with different colors, materials and light sources. When it comes to decor and furniture, there are countless ways to combine your own style with modern. The important thing is: Choose furniture with corners and edges, and make sure the ambiance is calm and light. Your living room should look tidy and your furniture should help you achieve this. It may be worth investing in custom furniture to make the most of your space. Especially in small living rooms, the number of pieces of furniture should be limited to a few selected pieces and care should be taken to leave enough space between the pieces. Discover more inspiration and furniture for your modern living room at Metallbude.