DIY: Your modern natural Wreath

For your natural Wreath, you will need the following Materials:

Natural materials are popular for seasonal decorating because they capture the essence of each season. Leaves in the fall, twigs in the winter, flowers in the spring, and shells in the summer are classics that perfectly reflect nature. Using them in DIY projects allows you to add a personal touch to your home. Simple crafts such as tying wreaths bring together the natural and the modern. This combination creates a harmonious atmosphere and emphasizes the uniqueness of each room. Natural materials can be used to create seasonal accents that not only decorate the home, but also connect it to the beauty of nature. Try it for yourself!

Make your own Easter Wreath for your Door

Making your own spring decorations, such as a door wreath, adds a personal touch and uniqueness to your home. It allows you to express your creativity and showcase your own style. It creates a special connection with the decoration because you put time and effort into making it. Homemade decorations often have a warmth and authenticity that store-bought items often lack. Plus, it is a rewarding experience to create something with your own hands and add homemade beauty to your home.



Do-it-yourself Door Wreath

You need:

That's how it works:

Step 1:
Prepare branches and trim them with pruning shears if necessary
Step 2:
Then tie the branches to the straw wreath with a wire
Step 3:
Now insert the dried flowers or decorations between the branches
Step 4:
Finally, tie a satin ribbon to the wreath and decorate it on the shoe rack or clothes rail in the entrance area(find your favorite products for the hallway here) . The natural wreath is also ideal for the front door or as a window decoration


Modernity meets Nature: Natural Wreath for your Home

A natural wreath for your home combines modern design with natural beauty and offers enough design freedom to give it a very personal touch. It starts with the choice of a metal, Styrofoam or wooden ring as a base and then varies with the natural materials used such as dried flowers, twigs, grass and moss. You can also combine different textures and colors for a contemporary look. Optionally, you can add minimalist touches to make the wreath a unique piece that brings the beauty of nature into your modern home.

(simple wreath without flowers)


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