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Metallbude | designed by Bastian Prieler

Color: Black

 The high-quality shelf is specially made for our Metal shelf RIVO .

The accessories shown are not included in the scope of delivery. This only includes the selected number of shelves.

Product details

Sheet steel

Length: 29.8 cm, Width: 20 cm

1.3 kg

Weight Capacity:
7,5 kg

Powder coating, fine structure

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Color Sample
Complement the look
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Black Metallregal RIVO - Wandregal aus Metall und in Schwarz | Metallbude White Metallregal RIVO - Wandregal in Weiß und aus Metall mit Massivholzbrettern  | Metallbude Cashew Metallregal RIVO - Wandregal aus Metall in Cashew-Beige mit Massivholzbrettern | Metallbude

21 reviews
72 EUR 80 EUR
Black Spiegel RIVO - Spiegel in Schwarz und aus Metall | Metallbude White Spiegel RIVO - Weißer Spiegel aus Metall | Metallbude Cashew Spiegel RIVO - Spiegel aus Metall in der Farbe Cashew-Beige | Metallbude

1 review
LEATHER S-HOOKS (set of 3/6)
From 27 EUR 30 EUR
Black / Black Leder-S-Haken in Schwarz | Metallbude Beige / Black LEATHER S-HOOKS (set of 3/6) Beige / White LEATHER S-HOOKS (set of 3/6) White / White Leder-S-Haken in Weiß | Metallbude + 1 more

387 reviews

High-quality Metal and Wooden Shelves for the Wall Shelf RIVO

Specifically designed for our metal shelving units RIVO and RIVO S, the shelves are made of high-quality sheet steel or natural oiled oak. The larger wall shelf with a window frame look can hold up to twelve shelves, while the smaller version can hold up to four shelves. The high-quality metal shelving system RIVO or RIVO S has a minimalist design that can be used in any room. With its clean lines and elegant appearance, it adds a modern touch to living rooms, offices or bedrooms. The shelf is made of powder-coated metal, which not only contributes to its attractive appearance, but also ensures its robustness, durability and resistance to wear and damage. It has been specially designed to withstand daily use and retain its aesthetic qualities even after many years of use.

Ablage RIVO X - Stahlblech in Schwarz ins Wandregal integriert | Metallbude

Endless Opportunities with the Metal Shelves RIVO

The modern metal wall shelf RIVO or RIVO S is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional. With the appropriate shelves, it provides ample space for storing and stylishly displaying various items such as books, decorative items or plants. The open design allows for clear organization and easy access to stored items. The clever design of the shelving perfectly showcases your personal treasures and adds a personal touch to the room. With the metal shelf RIVO or RIVO S, you can give free rein to your creativity and present your favorite pieces in style. Whether as an eye-catcher in the living room, a practical organization system in the office or a green oasis in the bedroom, this shelf is a successful combination of aesthetics and functionality.

How can we help?


How much weight can a metal shelf support?

The shelf RIVO X can support a weight of 7.5 kilograms. The metal shelf RIVO or RIVO S itself can support a load of 50 kilograms. Please note that these are maximum weights that should not be exceeded.

How do I mount the metal shelf to my wall shelf?

Specifically designed for the wall shelving RIVO or RIVO S, the shelves are attached to the metal frame with a simple plug-in system and additionally secured with a small, invisible grub screw.

What metal furniture can I combine the metal shelf with?

The shelf RIVO X has been specially and exclusively designed for use with the metal shelving units RIVO or RIVO S and is not intended for use on its own or in combination with other metal furniture. The wooden shelf RIVO, the mirror RIVO and the leather S-hooks are also available to complement the metal shelf RIVO.

Is the coated shelf suitable for rooms with high humidity?

Like the metal shelf RIVO or RIVO S itself, the matching shelf RIVO X is also finished with a finely textured powder coating. This protects the metal underneath from moisture and rust. The coated shelf is therefore also suitable for rooms with higher humidity.

Can I place multiple shelves next to each other on my metal shelving unit?

The metal wall shelf RIVO can hold up to twelve shelves or racks. These can be mounted side by side or on top of each other. The smaller version of the modern metal shelving unit has space for up to four shelves. Again, the number and placement of shelves can be customized.

Customer Reviews

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Super stylisch! Gute/ sehr gute Qualität


Christian Czaya
Design matters

Ein tolles Design, exzellente Verarbeitung und sehr einfache Montage

Annett Zierold
Sehr gute Qualität!

Wir haben das Regal und die Ablagen bestellt. Es kam ordentlich verpackt und sicher an.
Die Qualität von allem ist super, ja der Preis ist schon hoch, aber wir würden es wieder kaufen!😃

Thomas Schneider


gute Qualität

alles bestens