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Sideboards made of black metal offer a variety of storage space solutions for every room

Somehow there is always not enough storage space in the household. A stylish yet subtle solution to this problem are black metal sideboards. They always leave a neat and minimalist impression. In doing so, they complement and support the rest of the interior without being too prominent. We'll explain why you shouldn't do without a black metal sideboard, what different types there are and how you can use them stylishly in the different rooms of your home. Here we go!

Why a black metal sideboard belongs in your home

Black metal sideboards are versatile pieces of furniture. In almost every room they can be used for different purposes and cut a great figure. They can be used as real eye-catchers and decorative elements, but they can also fulfill functional tasks, such as carrying a television. Some sideboards also offer space to store things in them that should not be directly visible to everyone. Black metal sideboards are robust and easy to care for. The quality speaks for itself here, because they last a long time and therefore pay for themselves years later. Cleaning is easy. Simply wipe the piece of furniture with a wet cloth and you're done. Sideboards are a space-saving alternative because they take up less space than chests of drawers or solid cabinets and still offer enough storage space for books, clothes or other items.

Black metal sideboards in different finishes

There are different types of black metal sideboards. First of all, the distinction between chest of drawers, highboard and sideboard is important. A chest of drawers only has drawers, while a sideboard combines different types of compartments. It can have drawers, but also open shelves or cupboard doors. In contrast to highboards, sideboards are always wider than higher and thus offer a large storage area. The regular width of a sideboard is between 1.5 m and 2 m. They rarely exceed a height of more than one meter. Regardless of whether you opt for a more open design with storage compartments or a closed design with doors for your black metal sideboard, it is important how you present it in the room. Tip: A metal sideboard in white fits perfectly into a black and white interior .

This is how you stage your black metal sideboard in different rooms

A black metal sideboard could be described as a furnishing chameleon, as it easily adapts to any room. Here some examples:

  • Bedroom: In the bedroom, a black sideboard can fulfill decorative aspects and can also be used practically, for example as a place to put clothes or bed linen. A black console table would also be suitable for decorative purposes. This usually has no or just a few compartments, but looks just as good as a sideboard. The RIA console table from Metallbude is perfect for filling empty walls in the bedroom and as a storage place for candles or picture frames thanks to its linear design.
  • Living room: In the living room, a black metal sideboard looks best as a single piece in front of a blank wall. It can be used as a TV stand. You can also integrate other multimedia devices, such as a stereo system, into the sideboard. Just make sure the compartments are high enough.
  • Bathroom: In the bathroom, a closed sideboard is suitable as storage space for towels or hygiene items. Other furniture made of black metal can be perfectly combined with it, such as a matching wall mirror, a matching toilet paper holder or a shower shelf.
  • Hallway: In the hallway, a black open metal sideboard is suitable as a decorative object. Place a beautiful vase with fresh flowers, a table lamp or an aesthetic, abstract sculpture on the sideboard and you have an eye-catcher. Tip: If you want to keep it even more minimalist, a console table in white is ideal.

Buy your black metal sideboard from Metallbude

A black metal sideboard can be integrated into almost any room and can look different every time. It also offers plenty of space for everyday objects that you may not know where to put them. Not only secure an advantageous sideboard, but also advantages when ordering from Metallbude:

  • From a minimum order value of 150 € you get free shipping within Germany.
  • Custom-made products are possible depending on the product (please contact us).
  • Most Metallbude products are of high quality and handmade.
  • Furniture with a minimalist and modern design is our speciality. Find other matching pieces of furniture on our site.

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