Towel holder for the wall

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Practical and modern - towel holder for the wall

A towel holder for the wall is not only practical, but also looks really good. It fits in every bathroom or even in the kitchen. The towel holders from Metallbude stand for a simple design with an industrial touch and refine every bathroom with their clean shapes. You can find out here the advantages of a towel rail for wall mounting, what other shapes there are and where a towel rail should best be attached.

Why a wall mounted towel rail?

There are many ways to store towels in the bathroom, but towel rails for the wall are superior to other storage options such as towel hooks or towel ladders. This is for the following reasons.

  • Towel rails can be attached to the wall both vertically and horizontally, allowing towels to be either hung spread out or rolled up and clipped into the towel rail.
  • They can be installed to save space and the dimensions of the towel rails can be adjusted to the size of the bathroom.
  • Black metal towel holders blend into the bathroom in a simple and elegant way and can also be used as an eye-catcher in an industrial-style bathroom, for example
  • In contrast to free-standing towel holders or towel ladders, they are permanently attached to the wall. They not only ensure a secure hold, but are also space-saving.
  • At the same time, longer towel rails that are attached horizontally to the wall also offer enough space for several towels.
  • They can also be attached to the wall offset, which creates a cool look.

Which towel rail for the wall is right for you?

There are a variety of solutions for hanging towels in the bathroom, including simple towel hooks that are functional and space-saving. However, these are not the best solution when towels need to dry quickly. The towel ring is a bit old-fashioned, but still not banned from all bathrooms. It's also not particularly good for drying towels accurately. Towel ladders or freestanding towel racks can be beautiful decorative elements and work best in larger bathrooms with enough space to display them.

Towel holders that are mounted on the wall, on the other hand, can be used flexibly and can be mounted in different ways and as you wish. Attached in the railing form (horizontally) , towel holders in the bathroom are perfect for towels that are to be hung out to dry. Towel rails that are mounted vertically serve as the perfect "towel clamps" because they offer plenty of space for clean, unused towels, which can be rolled up and clamped into the holders so that they are always at hand.

The right place for towel rails in the bathroom

However, towel rails in the bathroom should not only be beautiful bathroom accessories, but also function as functional bathroom furniture. The most important question is, of course, where towel rails should be installed. Of course, near the sink! But at what height and how is the towel rail actually attached? We recommend attaching the towel rail to the wall with dowels and screws, these are supplied with our towel rails and offer a secure hold. They can be attached to both stone and concrete walls. For gypsum plasterboard, special anchors such as toggle anchors should be used.

We advise only mounting the towel rails on solid walls and not on doors or similar objects. A towel holder should be installed at a height of approx. 1.20 metres. So both small people and taller people can get close. If the towel holder is to be used as a towel clip, it can also be mounted at head height, as this is usually where only the spare towels find their place. Regardless of whether it is vertical or horizontal, the towel holder should always be within easy reach of the washbasin. Complete your bathroom look and combine your towel holder from Metallbude with other bathroom accessories, such as several coat hooks, a toilet paper holder or a shower shelf in the same Metallbude style.

Why a wall mounted towel rail from Metallbude?

Metallbude's towel rails radiate a simple, industrial-style aesthetic and help you store your towels in a minimalist, modern look. In addition, all Metallbude products are Made in Europe and many products are also completely manufactured in Germany. Depending on the product you choose, the dimensions and color of the product can be specified individually. Please contact us about this.

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